Rocka Beach Lounge & Restaurant, Búzios

All in one place!

A perfect beach lounge with a relaxed atmosphere, wonderful scenery, a relaxing structure and top cuisine!
As soon as I arrived, I was enchanted by the simplicity and refinement of the place, with its wooden tables and chairs painted in a shade of blue, in harmony with the wonderful sea right in front of it.

To complement the spectacle, the strong waves do justice to the place where the Rocka Beach Lounge & RestaurantPraia Brava, perfect for surfers who dance with the waves in their maneuvers.
But it didn't stop there, I soon noticed that this charm hid another nook, an outdoor space with padded loungers, full of cushions facing the sea, I made myself at that place!
Great for enjoying a good sparkling wine as a couple or even with the guys, combining a post-beach drink with a "pre-night", as the place has all the charm of Veuve Cliequot and offers several options of this and other sparkling wines at a fair price.

I was really looking forward to trying the much-talked-about delicacies there! We were warmly welcomed by Chef Gustavo Rinkevich, a native of Bariloche in southern Argentina. He managed to mix a bit of Patagonian culture with ours, transforming everything into a unique seasoning!
First came a breathtaking sequence of entrances!
Sashimi with watermelon sorbet

Chicken foi pâté with its jellies and pistachio crumble

Fish and shrimp ceviche with aroeira aroma

Surprise of the day! Cream of yam with egg, shimeji, ceboulette and morels (Patagonian mushroom)

rocka beach lounge & restaurant Buzios cris pelo mundo cris stilben (6)

I ate absolutely everything praying, but with a taste for more!
We then moved on to the main courses! There were so many options that I was a bit dizzy, everything looked delicious!
I ended up choosing the Arraial Squid with confit baroa potatoes, yam foam, leeks and crunchy black rice. I can say with all the certainty in the world that it was one of the tastiest dishes I've ever eaten! Not to mention that it was one of the most beautiful too, the care taken from the taste to the look of the dishes is incredible, it won me over!

Igor chose the Rocka style Moqueca mista, with palm oil pirão and popcorn rice. It's a bit different from the traditional moqueca we're used to, but don't be alarmed, as it's delicious too!

But do you think it's over? Not at all, there were still desserts and a huge problem: I wanted to try exactly everything! Each name seemed to attract me more and more, but I ended up surrendering to good old Belgian chocolate!
The Chocolate and Belgian Savarin Couland with saffron and orange ice cream. I love trying different things, and I didn't regret it!

I loved the invitation and was very happy to be able to visit a place like Rocka Beach Lounge, I can say that Rocka has become my favorite restaurant in Búzios, it has managed to combine absolutely everything I like in one place! Landscape, atmosphere and taste, I wouldn't have it any other way! I can't wait to go back.

And you? Have you enjoyed yourself there?

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