Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

Kitesurf Paradise

Arubinha is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely on the Araruama Lagoon in the Lakes Region and is known as a kitesurfing paradise by kitesurfers. It has generous winds and is therefore one of the best kite spots around.
But if you don't know anything about jumping on the boards, there's no problem, I've never done it myself and I loved the place, it's beautiful and well worth the trip!
It was my first trip of the year and I can say with certainty that I started off on the right foot. I took a speedboat from Iguabinha, but you can also get there by car.
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[small_header]How to get there by car from the city of Rio de Janeiro[/small_header]

  • You should take the Rio Niterói bridge in the direction of the Lakes Region and get on the Via Lagos highway. After the tollbooth there is the exit for Saquarema and that's where you should get off.
  • Then stay tuned, because you have to head towards Praia Seca and follow the Figueira road. When it ends, turn left and then just keep going and you'll arrive at your destination happy and content.
  •  The place is about two hours from the city of Rio de Janeiro and very close to Cabo Frio and Búzios, so you have to be careful when you go by car not to drive straight through and end up in Cabo Frio.

I stayed there for a while, took a zillion photos of that amazing landscape with its white sand surrounded by water on both sides, enjoyed it a lot, sunbathed, enjoyed the water, recharged my batteries and was certain that 2014 promised a lot of good things.
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So beautiful! At low tide, you can walk right into the lagoon, along the sand that makes it look like a red carpet, giving it a special natural feel.
Hot, thirsty and hungry?
There are bars that do the honors of making you feel at ease and for those who are spending the night there is still the option of a nightclub or restaurant, I checked it out and I liked it! I even wanted to go back and try it out!
arubinha rio de janeiro (4) But none of this is close to the strip of sand where people practice the sport, it's very rustic, with just a few kite school stalls, so if you're thinking of spending the day on the beach it's a good idea to take a snack, water and plenty of sunscreen! The sun at Lagoa really helps with tanning due to the high salt content of the water, so be careful!
As all good things are short-lived, I had to go back as there were still a few kilometers to Rio de Janeiro. I thought it would be tiring due to the holiday and the traffic jams generated by the end of the year, but the day was so good that I didn't even feel it, it was super quiet! With wonderful memories and a taste of wanting more.
So, did you enjoy this more hidden place? Have you been? Tell us about it.arubinha rio de janeiro (3)

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Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

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