Movie Cris Around the World, One Big Change

The family will grow! In the midst of exotic destinations and unforgettable experiences, Cris Stilben saw her life take a surprising turn when what was just a dream of exploring the world became intertwined with the arrival of Emmanuel, her first child. The TV series "Cris around the World" became the visual record of a family journey, where every step meant not only discovering new places, but also the growth of the family. The lives of Cris and her husband, Igor, were about to take an even bigger turn with the arrival of a new family member. Against this backdrop of expectations and challenges, the trip to Switzerland became not only an exciting chapter in the series, but a crucial moment of reflection on the future.

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General Synopsis:

Cris, Igor and little Emmanuel embark on one last adventure before the imminent big change in their lives. With Cris's pregnancy signaling the arrival of a new addition to the family, the story unfolds in stunning Swiss scenery, filled with ski resorts, majestic Alpine mountains, picturesque train rides, luxurious resorts and relaxing spas. As they explore the wonders of the country, the family faces crucial questions about the future, pondering whether it is possible to maintain the travel routine that has always defined them.

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The story not only reveals the beauty of the destinations visited, but also the internal journey of the Stilben family, who are faced with significant decisions. Cris and Igor reflect on the possibilities and challenges that come with the imminent arrival of their new baby, while Emmanuel tries to overcome the fears he acquired during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid stunning sights, they try to decide on the baby's name, while Cris and Igor confront the difficult choice between staying in one destination or continuing to explore the world. The stage is set for a unique experience, where magnificent landscapes intertwine with the complexities of family life, providing a captivating and moving narrative.

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