The Blessed - Salvador Carnival.

A long time later, a lady approaches us and we ask if she has the cabin we want!
Luckily for us, they had it! And he even made it for us at a lower price than the carnival center, which was very good... since even the carnival center had already run out and our hopes were almost over.
The Aeroclube was really taken over by money changers, there were LOTS of stalls selling all kinds of abadá and their boxes, I was impressed by the size of the place and the number of people doing it!!! Well done, thank God! We traveled to go to the cabins and so we did!
Now that sun, with how hungry and tired I was, didn't do me any good, I felt like throwing up, lying down, sleeping, fainting... I was very limp and worried that I'd be like this all day and night, but I knew that after eating I'd get better.
We headed for the car, hoping to get to the girls' house quickly so we could eat! Thiago, as a good carioca, didn't know much about the roads of Salvador, and the girl who was with us... was very entertained by her cell phone and her messages, which made us take a wrong turn without anyone noticing!
The traffic was already chaotic!!! And we still had to walk all over the city, passing through blocks to be able to repair the path! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wanted to kill ummmm! I was so soft that I ended up sleeping in the car with my mouth open, almost drooling, the nausea increased and the weakness went with it, I couldn't wait to get to the apartment and eat!!! It was almost 4pm and I hadn't eaten anything since the day before!
After a long timeoo, we arrived and finally ate, but then came the good news, we need to get some money, where is it near here? Er. nham... humm... In Salvador, this ATM thing is a bit of a legend, and the ones that exist were broken! We walked a long way to a nearby shopping center, which was closed for construction work, and then we went to a market, where the ATM was broken.
There is... but it's a bit far, and Santander? Hii Santander is difficult here, you know?
TIP! If you're in Salvador and need a 24-hour service, find it right away, don't wait for the next one!
Holy Christ! Let's walk until we find something, where's the next cashier? Ah, you go there, up, down, through here... there... and then you arrive...
It's beautiful, the sun is killing and I'm walking like crazy through the city looking for an ATM!
Until we arrived! And we asked where it was. Nobody in the place could tell us where there was an ATM !!!! Much less 24 hours, because we could find Banco do Brasil or Caixa... but the rest? PUTZ! NOOOOOO!!!
We walked more and more, until I saw a Brazilian bank, a branch... let's try there!? Sometimes the tellers are 24 hours a day... and it worked! It wasn't 24 hours, but there was a way to take it out of credit card mode, which was very useful... and it was already past 6pm, the time we wanted to be going to the cabin, and we still had to shower, change and then think about leaving the house...

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I walked, I walked, I walked! and finally I arrived, flying to the shower to change and already hearing Chiclete in the background, it's an attraction I was already missing... =/ I also ended up not going to Farol da Barra and taking the whole circuit, it was too late, we went straight to the cabin! And as we passed through the crowds, my idea of carnival in Bahia changed... I thought it would be very dangerous, all the pushing and shoving... but it was super peaceful, as Ivete's trio passed by I stopped on the sidewalk, took some photos while Igor and Thiago bought a beer to warm up.. the trio passed and we walked back towards the box, when we spotted the gigantic box, we also saw Cláudia Leite's trio, we stopped for a while, waited for it to pass and finally we were able to get into our box!
Hallelujah! I can't believe it.
Wow, the place was VERY big, very, very, very!!!!!!!!! Three floors, with a nightclub inside, a place to cut and change your abadá, a beauty salon for hair and make-up and everything included... nothing extra... I was amazed at the structure, not to mention clean toilets, a food court and free drinks!
Very good!
Not to mention that the view from the top floor was a sea of people! I had the view from the second floor of the box together with people from outside, A LOT of people, I hadn't even realized how crowded it was and I went through it all.

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We went in and soon afterwards Asa de Aguia came on, we watched them, and I was as curious as ever to see how the hair parade worked, and to decorate my hair with Bonfim ribbons =D

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I sat down and the girl came over, I told her I wanted something simple and with ribbons, just pinning them to the side... she started combing my hair and my suspicion came over me... let's see what the lady would do with my hair... but the result came back and I loved it! It was so cute! And I went back to enjoying the cabin! As I hadn't eaten properly, nor was I resting or anything... and I'm not a fan of beer... I drank very little and went for coconut water, the best thing ever! My water and I went to see the nightclub. A local band, Chica Fé, was playing a show and I decided to go and see them. BEST THING I EVER DID, the show was much more lively and the songs were really cool, I danced A LOT, A LOT... I had a lot of fun and went outside to get some air, because it was really hot in there!!! Despite the air.
And then I saw Margareth Menezes passing by... I've never really listened to this kind of music (I grew up listening to rock and it's more my style of music), so I was there more to enjoy the camarote, which surprised me and won me over =)I saw a bit of Margareth, drank some more water, Igor got some more beer and was starting to get very loud... Thiago and the other boys we met were just enjoying the blocos, they hardly stayed in the nightclub with us...
We went back and had more fun, but tiredness and hunger struck! We left the cabin to see what there was to eat outside... and noticed that there was almost nothing left, it was already late... and the street stank and had rivers of pee... we preferred to go back to the cabin and went to sit in the food court and eat a Subway sandwich, it fit like a glove, =) then Igor started to drink some coconut water to get back to his senses... since it was 4am and in a few moments we would be going back to the airport hehehe.

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We jumped, shouted, danced... took pictures and said goodbye =(
We left the box, enjoyed the popcorn... jumped on unknown trios and went to the end of the circuit to meet Thiago Baiano, an angel who would take us to the airport =p
We walked around and called each other several times, before meeting Thiago for good, we went to the girls' apartment to take a shower and get rid of the carnival hangover, and we managed to get to the plane decently....
After the shower I felt like a person again... because before my state was deplorable...
We finished crossing everything with a large backpack and camera in hand, from what they had told me about the carnival (theoretically dangerous in Salvador) this made me afraid, but the experience showed me the opposite, super easy to walk around... with camera, backpack and everything =) I really enjoyed having experienced this and seen that it is not what they said, that the carnival is quiet, has good structure and a lot of fun! Er... the only thing is that there are no banks to withdraw money... with 24-hour ATMs, but that's just a detail HuAHuAHauH
We finally found Baiano, went to the airfield, ate at Bob's because we were still VERY hungry, and collapsed on the boarding chairs. We were two hours away from the flight and tiredness was taking over us, two crazy people sitting with their backs to each other, leaning on each other ... backpack stuck to my feet and sleeping with our mouths open! With scare after scare... at every boarding call..hahahaha
We boarded, I slept the whole flight! I didn't even feel it land... =)
Anyway... Rio de Janeiro and enjoying more carnival here =p
End =p


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Vocalist of the band Chica Fé.
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