Bangkok. Shopping paradise!

The first impression of Bangkok

Certainly, shopping in Bangkok might at first be the last thing on your mind, given the city's beautiful temples and its hot climate. But I was really impressed, even more so because I couldn't imagine the structure of the place.


Huge malls, huge buildings, huge streets, huge walkways, huge everything lol. In fact, Bangkok intrigued me with its mix. On the one hand, luxurious buildings contrasted with very simple ones, often next to each other.

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Bangkok is the kind of city that will surprise you at some point. In Bangkok you can really find everything, I was reminded several times of IF YOU DRINK DON'T GET MARRIED, too crazy a place lol.



The Malls

When I arrived in this metropolis, I did come across some beautiful temples, but I also came across the grandeur of some places in Bangkok. I was surprised by the structure that connects the malls and the subway by means of walkways, where you leave one mall and enter another.
In Bangkok there are many shopping malls, they are huge and you can find everything to buy, cheap, everything is very cheap, but in the same way as in other places consequently, the brand is more expensive, but unlike Brazil, the prices are more affordable, so it is very worthwhile, and in addition the country still has the advantage that tourists are entitled to a refund of taxes ( VAT REFUND).

Choosing your type of shopping:

If you want to buy some photographic equipment get ready to freak out, because Bangkok has a huge shopping mall just for this. It's really big. O MBK Center is one of the largest and most important shopping malls. Everything is sold there, from original products to similar ones. To give you an idea, there's a section with several stands with everything imaginable from electronic accessories to Apple, GoPro.... but you have to keep an eye out because they might not be the real thing, so look for specialized stores on the 5th floor.
This mall is where you'll be able to buy everything from scarves to home decoration products at incredible prices and even bargain, but seriously everything is so cheap that I wondered if it was really necessary, but they say they like it, right?
shopping in bangkok
It's at MBK Center you're going to buy that camera that you've been wanting to buy for a long time here in Brazil, but inflation hasn't helped and you're going to get a tax refund, which is a considerable amount.
I met a honeymoon couple on this trip who had their suitcases packed, I saw some beautiful stores with things for the house and I wanted to bring back a bunch lol. At MBK you can fill at least one suitcase with little buddhas, candles and other beautiful and unnecessary things that we love, right?
Clothes and accessories
This is one of the things you'll see most in Bangkok after the Buddhas, temples, photos of the King and the food stalls on the street, of course!
In Bangkok there is something for every budget, and the advantage is that even if you don't have a lot of money, you can still do some really nice shopping.
In KOH SAN ROADFor example, the most crass street in Bangkok, in addition to the nightlife, there are lots of cool things to buy, t-shirts, pants, skirts, souvenirs and plenty of CHANG, the local beer lol, and then there's that incredible massage at a price you wouldn't believe (I'll put the prices at the end).
  O  TERMINAL 21It's a very different mall, each floor is themed around a different city, there's a San Francisco floor, a London floor...
shopping in bangkok
This was the mall I went to the most. On the top floor I found places to eat, so I went there a lot, and also the stores are more affordable, Fast Fashions like H&M for example.
One thing that I thought was really worth buying in Bangkok was a coat. To this day I wonder why there are so many coats in the shop window, because it's only hot there lol.

For those looking for basic luxury

More expensive brands can be found at THE IN QUARTIERIt was in this mall that I bought the MacBook, but I had to go to a few stores because of the different keyboard layout. I didn't say it was super worth it, the price must have been practically the same as in the US, with the refundable tax.
shopping in bangkok
SIAM is a shopping center divided into 3, like 3 in 1, each in a segment.
O SIAM DISCOVERYI found it a bit confusing at first, but then I understood the mall better. There are several stores with stands like Apple, Samsung, GoPro, Drones and they're all practically the same, so maybe that's why I was confused.
 SIAM PARAGON, is where you'll find more expensive brands and fast fashion, department stores and the decor is very modern.
O SIAM CENTER, has a very interesting food court.

How to get there

Depending on where you're staying, they're almost next door. If you're staying in the Sukhumvit area, many hotels offer a free service to a subway station or shopping mall in those TuksTuks, then you just have to get lost on the walkways and subway stations that connect the malls.
Of course, you don't have to go to the malls to buy nice things; the streets have super attractive stalls. But
Once you've chosen your shopping spot, you just have to enjoy it.


 Well... I went with the intention of buying electronics, but because the prices were good, I ended up buying a little something or other. I'll put the prices of a few things just to give you an idea, and VAT only applies to electronics. The currency in Thailand is the Bath and to convert I took a 0 off the end.
iPhone X - from 40,500 Baths, equivalent to R$ 4,050.00
MacBook Air - from 35,900 Baths, equivalent to R$ 3,590.00
GoPro Hero 6 - 13,500 Baths, equivalent to R$ 1,350.00
Remember that electronics still have VAT, which is 7%, so it's even cheaper.
Pants, scarves, T-shirts, souvenirs on the streets from 100.00 Baths, the equivalent of R$ 10.00.
shopping in bangkok

You get the idea, right?

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