In addition to the famous Urca wall

Bar Urca Restaurant.

Every self-respecting carioca has at least once in their life admired a sunset in Urca wallYou'll probably be enjoying the dumplings or pastries from BAR URCA, not to mention that cold drink we don't even need to mention!
The Urca Bar blends in with the history of the Mureta in such a way that it's hard not to associate them, after all, that's where the reference point for meeting people is.
Typical program in Rio de Janeiro and is famous for the city's stripped-down atmosphere and for its security, as it is home to the São João Fortress, where there is a military village with controlled access.

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O the visuals are truly mind-blowing For me, and certainly for many, Urca is among the BEST POINTS from Rio to appreciate the landscape and the spectacle of setting sun. I've been countless times and I can't get enough of it, but unfortunately when I arrived at the Bar Urca Restaurant the show had already taken place, and there was only the colorful sky to comfort me.

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I got together at the invitation of Bar Urca with my dear friends, Lili from Passionate about Travel, Day of Traveling on, Ana Paula do Unmissable trips , Amanda do I prefer to travel and Lu from instagram Lu's adventuresThere couldn't be a better date!
Of course we love it, a nice place, with lots of gossip, food DELICIOUS e drinks perfect!
What struck me most was the pineapple caipirinha with pepperJust think? What do you mean? Wouldn't it be too burning, I thought! But let's give it a try and see what this unusual concoction is like! I loved it, there's just a hint of pepper in the background, giving it a very special touch, but for those who don't like to risk it, there are also the traditional flavors.
We tried everything that they do best: codfish cakes, empadinhas (to eat rezannndddooo), pastries, which were the best in the world. lick your lips! Difficult to get out of appetizersWhat a treat!

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However, the best was yet to come and my appetite had to hold out, because my taste buds were praying for more wonders!
The shrimp bobocreamy in just the right way, with side dishes to top it off! Can I say it again? I ate, ate and ate, it was so delicious! I was dizzy, but then came something undeniable, the prawns in morangawhat a BEAUTIFUL dish, and what perfect food, I want to go back there and repeat a thousand timesYes, between the bobo and the strawberry, I preferred the strawberry, beautiful, tasty, fragrant and everything good! How could I? I still repeated it, my extra pounds be damned, a heresy for those who want to lose weight, then put it all down to walking along the promenade ehehe.

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At this point I didn't have the heart to try the dessert, as I love sweets and was overcome by the savory delights!
Of course, in addition to delicious foodWith a large window directly overlooking the wall, just the right amount of lighting and an air-conditioned atmosphere, everything was even better! And the presence of our friends, we can book more often, can't we, girls?
Hihihi but remember the restaurant isn't very big and it's very crowded, so it's worth getting there early or you'll be waiting a while.

Useful information:

Address: Rua Cândido Gaffrée, 205 - Urca - Rio de Janeiro
Tel: + 55 (21) 2295-8744

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