Buenos Aires and Santiago!

How did the idea for the trip come about? Buenos Aires and Santiago!

Ahhh , I saw an incredible promotion on Groupon , I couldn't resist and bought it! Even more so as it was close to my birthday and I used it as an excuse to give myself a present!!!
3 days in Argentina plus 3 days in Chile, with escort, transportation, airplane, city tour and accommodation.
A priore a great opportunity... so I who always saw my trips on my own... would now... go without any worries.... (Only in theory!!) !!!
The beautiful day arrived! I woke up at 5:30, went to the airport at 6:20 and boarded at 7:40! At 11 I arrived in URUGUAY... I flew with Pluna... so far so good... however... Pluna doesn't even offer water on its flights and my stomach was begging me for God's sake... give me some food!!!
I stopped with my friend at a restaurant in the departure area of the airport... and we ate right there, since we would be waiting for 5 hours to fly to Buenos Aires... We shared two dishes... and we were more relaxed... our hunger was making us a bit aggressive and crazy hauhauhauha

P1020317 1 - Cris Around the WorldAfter eating, we took a walk around the duty free I bought one mascara and two kit kats my favorite chocolate! Then we got into a chair and went to bed!!! We went to sleep in two and woke up to a VERY strong sun on top of us!!! I felt like I was in a real greenhouse! We saw the weather change completely, with completely BLACK clouds and completely horrible weather... change to wonderful sunshine again! We took some photos... and played on our cell phones... and talked to friends in Brazil... and talked... and the time didn't go by!!! We sat in the massage chairs and made fun of the strange people there... and nothing happened... but we were still excited... not knowing what was waiting for us!!!
Until it was time to board! Aeeeee finally the trip began!!!! Lálálá! We arrived in Argentina and there was a guy waiting for us. So far so good... he took us to the hotel... and when we got there... at 11pm.... the guy at reception couldn't find our reservation, even though I showed him the voucher that the beautiful company Star Travel had sent me....

Even so, at the time, the guy told me to fill out the registration form and go upstairs to leave my things.
But first he told me that he had an envelope for me and a phone call saying that my city tour would be tomorrow at 2pm... I was starving... I'd barely eaten that day!
I went upstairs, had a shower, ate a potato chip that was in the room and went downstairs for dinner... when the guy came and showed me a piece of paper saying that the reservation had been CANCELLED!!!! And that I didn't have the company's contact details and that I was the one who had to sort everything out!!! Holy shit, that's when the stress started! It was Saturday, the next day would be Sunday... and how was I going to sort it out? I got nervous... because he said that if I didn't sort it out I'd have to pay for the hotel...
Access to the Wi-Fi network at the hotel was free, so I used my Iphone a lot to contact Brazil so that someone could sort things out for me. Calling from there would be a FORTUNE!!! But even then I wouldn't be able to see anything until Monday... So I tried not to stress too much.
We looked for a place to eat and found a mall near the hotel in Florida. We devoured the food and went back to the hotel... and we were out!



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