Búzios boat trip.

Aloha Schooners

I started the day with a beautiful boat trip, passing the beautiful beaches of Búzios with the Aloha schooners, what a beautiful place! It's hard to choose the most beautiful beach.

The tour is offered by Porto Veleiro. The schooners have a bathroom, a shower with fresh water, a stereo, a bar and two decks, with the second deck being the best option for those who want to get a tan, but be prepared, because the sun is very strong! Sunscreen and drinking plenty of fluids are extremely important.

The schooner passes 12 beaches, 3 islands and makes 3 stops. Right away we saw the first beaches, Azeda and Azedinha. Then came the first stop at João Fernandes, impossible not to dive in! The color of the water is mesmerizing and the schooner even provides noodles so you can enjoy the place and relax.

Búzios boat trip (3)
Búzios boat trip

The schooner stops a little way from the island, but it's easy to swim there, you just have to be careful of the rocks on the shore and at the bottom of the sea. For those who aren't used to swimming in the sea or find it too tiring, the tip is to take some noodles and relax in the middle of the way, but remember that the schooner doesn't stay still for long, so keep an eye on the time so you don't get shipwrecked! Although that look with no one around is also amazing.

The schooner continues and passes several beautiful beaches, but only makes one more stop at Praia da Tartaruga, a beautiful beach with crystal-clear green waters that take anyone's breath away, with rocks that frame the place! Well, well, it was time to leave again, but a very naughty little boat approached and it had a barbecue! It delighted the crowd, most of whom were already starving! It sold shrimp skewers and mixed barbecue, which helped to stave off hunger while we finished the tour.

Last stop, snack break and okay! Now the schooner begins its return to the pier, passing more beautiful beaches and islands, showing how beautiful this place is, with its crystal-clear waters and exuberant nature.
I can't wait to go back and do it again! How about you? Have you done it? Did you like it?
The tour costs 50 reais and takes around two hours.
Address of Porto Veleiro: Travessa do Santana, 01 Ossos
Point of reference, near Santana Church or Praia dos Ossos.

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