Which carnival is the best?

"Make way for me", "Allah-la ô ôô", "How hot", "Mamãe eu quero, mamãe eu quer..." "Go call Dalila..." "I want gum, gum..."

Carnival is a more than massive culture here in Brazil and even if you're not a card-carrying reveler, if you live in Brazil, you've been to at least one carnival in your life =D After all, that song says it all... "those who don't like samba, aren't good people, they're bad in the head or sick in the foot..." Do you agree? In part I agree, the excitement and atmosphere of carnival, no matter how hard you try to disguise it, ends up infecting everyone, but there are those who prefer to isolate themselves in corners away from all this hubbub without being sick in the head or foot, and that doesn't mean they don't like samba.
Here at Cris pelo Mundo, we are demaiiiisss revelers, we love carnival marches, the skindo skindo of street blocks, electric trios or samba school parades, in fact we love it all! We've been on the wrong side of things and it's turned into the best carnival of all in Salvador,

canaval salvador bahia trio eletrico crisstilben cris pelomundo

we've been to samba school rehearsals, we've climbed the slopes of Ouro Preto

ouro preto carnival minas gerais mg crisstilben crispelomundo

with their batuques and traditional blocos, others that aren't so famous, we've already visited blocos de rua in Rio


and we ended the day at the shows in Lapa and spent Carnival on the Estrada Real, strolling through the tranquillity of the colonial farms and stopping to relax far away from the hustle and bustle. In other words, there's something for everyone, the important thing is to be happy and not get sick in the head, it all depends on your "vibe".
This year we're going to experience the carnival of children's blocos and show Emmanuel, our dear #bbpelomundo, this culture that warms the feet of all Brazilians. By the way, here in Rio de Janeiro the carnival has already started, and every weekend the streets are getting more crowded with blocos and rehearsals for the big event to come!

bandinha de Ipanema carnaval de rua bloco rio de janeiro rj crisstilben cris pelo mundo
I confess that with the enormous popularity of the city's street parties, jumping in the middle of Carnival started to become a test of survival hehehe VERY crowded, so the pre-Carnival was already becoming a favorite. Some of the highlights for children are Bandinha de Ipanema, Sapantinha and a host of others already confirmed for this year.
Look, but don't forget that any carnival block is a concentration of people of all kinds! Don't take your eyes off the little ones, take lots of water and light clothes and watch out for cell phones, last year there were record numbers of thefts here in Rio!
Want more tips? Don't forget to read about our carnival along the Estrada Real, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes and Cunha, or the famous Salvador carnival and its Barra Ondina circuit, or even what it's like to take part in a rehearsal of the Salgueiro samba school or to jump the street blocks in Rio de Janeiro!
And yes to sammmmmba!
bloco rio de janeiro carnival rj crisstilben crispelomundo

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