City tour of the beaches of Búzios

Trolley Tour


I left the afternoon to visit the beaches, but this time by land, the Company Tour Shop offered his trolley ride for the city tour.
But what is a trolley? It's a 4×4 truck that's been modified like a planter with several seats and rain protection, the idea is really cool!
Búzios beaches trolley tour (2)

All settled in? Let's go! I only knew that we were going to pass 12 beaches and 2 viewpoints, I had no idea what surprises awaited me. First we were greeted by a very lively guide who made the tour even cooler, then came the first stop at the João Fernandes viewpoint, what a view! What a sea! Everything! The weather started to close in, but that didn't spoil the tour.
We continued on and the raindrops started to get bigger and bigger, but thanks to the protection of the trolley we didn't get wet and we arrived at the second viewpoint overlooking Brava beach. This time the rain got in the way a bit, but not to the point of ruining the tour, it just made it a bit difficult, giving us a taste of wanting more and a reason to do it again, only next time in the sun!
We went on and the rain started to stop. The friendliest guide in the world showed us around and gave us information beach after beach. She showed us the Turtle Rock from an angle I'd never seen before and now I could see the shape of the animal! Ahhh what a great tour, I'm dying to do it again.
Búzios beaches trolley tour (1)
I heard some stories that I'm going to leave as a surprise for you. We continued on and made another stop at Praia do Forno, the rain was heavy, but who can resist the beauty of the place? I disembarked, took off my flip-flops and went down to the seafront to say goodbye to a very nice walk!
Búzios beaches trolley tour (4)
There was one more stop, at Lagoinha, but due to the bad weather, we couldn't make it, so next time! We left the tour wanting to go back and see that sea in the sunshine. If it was beautiful in the rain, imagine it in good weather!
Did you enjoy the tour? Have you done it? Tell us about it!

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