Confusions until the wedding.

Brasília Sky

It was drizzling and the weather was very tight!!! Laísa would have just over thirty minutes to get ready. So? The rush began, we got home. She rushed into the shower, I wrapped her wedding present with the paper we'd bought on the way back, she got dressed very quickly and went to put on her make-up, while I did an inlaid braid on her, the zone installed!!!
Pull hair from here, pull hair from there. Thiago, help me. Hold this for me!!! Laísa, don't move, it'll be crooked. Let it start again. CARACA .. Cris... there won't be time, leave it as it is... Nooo, it will, I'll do it here, just don't move!!! You have to hold on tight =p
Uffa braid done, Laísa almost all made up and off we went to meet Laísa's friend who was going with her to the wedding.
I went out in a bikini, all wet, shorts and a t-shirt, Thiago didn't look much different from that and Laísa was very tidy lol...
Láisa called her friend and made an appointment in the parking lot of a shopping mall, we drove and drove and where was the guy? Zé... where are you? Dude, I'm outside in a parking lot across the street. O carambola, we'll make an appointment at the mall, but we'll be right there!
We went round and round and round. Where are you?
It was bleu. Thiago was driving and he was talking on his cell phone, and we were more or less going the other way... Well? Police nearby. The siren blew and the car stopped... That was all we had left...
Mate, I got out of the car. I'm not getting out. WHAT? I'm wheelchair-bound, I can't walk, I can't get out of the car without my equipment... AH, all right then, where were you going? Parking in the space out front, waiting for my friend who's going to pick her up (we were in the parking lot outside the mall).
We stopped, turned on our lights and called the police. O boy, we've been stopped by the police, we're in this corner, come here, we can't find you!!!
Five minutes later, the police came by again and asked, "Are you all right?" "Yes, we're waiting for the guy who's going to pick her up, but he hasn't shown up yet! Um, I see, all right.
Ten minutes passed and the creature didn't arrive! Nerves throbbing... and ALELUIA the guy showed up... oh my gosh... what a delay!!!
Laisa went with him and I returned home, showered and got ready to go out later... Laísa would meet us directly afterwards...

ceu bsb - Cris Pelo Mundo
Brasília's sky, always a bit crazy...


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