Rio de Janeiro demonstrations

demonstrations rio de janeiro alerj

Brazil is in a state of turmoil and political upheaval, which is why we invited our good friend Daniel Ribeiro to talk about a topic that is a little off the beaten track, but which we feel obliged to comment on. The Cris pelo mundo blog supports any peaceful democratic demonstration that aims to improve people's lives.


Don't play games with Brazilians. They've had enough of suffering, of being humiliated, of being robbed, massacred... Brazil has had enough of seeing its children having to face hunger, hospital queues, the abuse of public power and has decided, once and for all, to pull the gun that the government has been pointing at them for a long time. Don't think that all this commotion is just about the R$0.20, that was just the last straw.

Sometimes they tried to convince us that the people were complacent, that the best thing we could do was to swallow and be content with our insignificance as ants, to the point where they would crush us without a second thought, but is that us? Today I see that we are not, today I see that united we can and will make a difference, and little by little, in short steps, we will be able to achieve a homeland that is equal and loyal to its people.

Today the Brazilian anthem makes more sense, today I understand the part where it says: "You will see that your son does not run away from the fight", and that, that's just the beginning, know that the sleeping giant has woken up for good and is not at all in the mood to play.

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