Galheta Trail - Our 4th day.

Getting a feel for Magic Island

Now I was feeling the pleasant atmosphere of Ilha da Magia and looking forward to the Galheta trail.
It took me a long time to come back here, but it's a very dear place, it's where  I created my blog7 years ago.
At the time it was a liberating and incredible trip, so special that I couldn't lose it in my memory, or in a forgotten notebook, so the blog came into my life.
The best present I could give myself, looking back and seeing everything that happened, reading all the stories and remembering my feelings is too good.
Oops, but wait a minute, there's the Galheta trail, let's get back to the trip and if I talk about the beginning of the blog, we'll spend about 100 pages hehehe.

We woke up in paradise.

This time we stayed on a side of the island that I didn't know, Canasvieiras, a neighborhood well to the north of Floripa Island, with a beautiful, quiet and cozy beach. Perfect for little ones and not too crowded, just the way I like it.
The hotel chosen was the Hotel Palace Praia Hotel Palace Praiaon the sand and with an AMAZING view!
You know those moments when you want to freeze? On one side my husband, on the other my little penguin and at our feet a view to drool over.

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (28)

An incredible window showing the crystal-clear beach in front, the most beautiful hotel!
If I could, I'd stay there for hours, just enjoying my loves and that wonderful view!

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (29)

But we couldn't give up, it was almost time to get ready for the Galheta trail, with lots of nature and photography.


We got ready and rushed to the café, after all we had to reinforce our diet, it would be about 3 hours of hiking.
Wow, a little egg for my beautiful little one, juice to hydrate and more delicacies for all of us, hihihi I love cakes for coffee.
We ate everything, once again sheltered by a perfect view! The hotel is very well located and they knew how to take advantage of every space and view, I was delighted.

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (29)

We finished eating and went straight to the meeting point where we would start the Galheta trail.

Soft beach

From Canasvieiras to Praia Mole, about 25 km, it took us almost an hour because of the traffic! However, as we were in our Peugeot 408, everything went more smoothly and we hardly felt the distance because of the comfort.
As soon as we arrived, we found everyone ready for the trail, Zé Paiva I was really looking forward to getting started and giving as many lessons and photography tips as I could.

Zé really enjoys showing us special places, and our first stop was the rocks that separate Praia Mole from Praia da Galheta, full of charm and incredible landscapes.

Stones and more stones

Emmanuel went on adventures and enjoyed every moment with us, he went crazy on the rocks and every hour he saw an animal drawn, lol.

PRAIA MOLE trilha da galheta café cultura crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis

He even saw his beloved ox, ehehehe child's imagination is incredible.

PRAIA MOLE trilha da galheta café cultura crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis
We stayed there for a while longer, receiving another lesson in the bridal veil effect, but this time in the waves hitting the rocks.

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (1)

The time flew by and we decided to continue our wanderings, there was still so much to see!

Galheta Trail.

We headed towards Praia da Galheta, passing the left coast of Praia Mole and arriving at the green and untouchable Galheta, with incredible and very beautiful vegetation!
Because this beach has perfect waves and is more secluded and can only be reached by hiking, it is the favorite of surfers and naturalists! We only saw surfers drawing the waves, the naturalists weren't there this time.

Praia da Galheta Crisstilben Cris pelo Mundo Floripa Florianópolis, Floripa with children

Although it's a beach where naturalism is practiced, you don't have to be naked, lol.
Well, the easy part is over, now the hard part begins, hehehe climbing the Galheta trail that takes us to the Mirante.
The sun, which until then had been very shy, started to come out with a vengeance! The heat and the climb made us a little more tired than usual, but luckily I had remembered to take some water!
Our little boy took a few steps and asked for my lap and that was almost the whole trail, but it was much easier than I had imagined!

Hiking with a toddler

He's not a baby anymore, but he's not big enough to do the trail like a big man, he's just turned two.
So I wouldn't expect too much from him, but I will say that he rode even more than I thought he would.
When we walked on the beach with soft sand, he felt like he was falling, so that's where he complained the most. And his lap weighed him down, lol.trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (1)
Knowing how to take it, the trail turned out to be a lot of fun, and between one step and the next he saw the big bad wolf, the three little pigs and even granny.
I played and distracted him all the way along the trail, his imagination was running wild and before we knew it we were halfway there.
Our blogger friends also helped us, at times they were all watching the big bad wolf, lol.

Watch the duration

There were nine of us, plus Zé, and we wanted to photograph everything! The trail took much longer than planned and the little one's nap time had already passed!
So after the middle of the trail the lap ended up being the most used way, even if he didn't sleep for a second.
Aunt Tassia and Uncle Kiko, from the blog With Feet in the World, they also took a little bit of our baby, giving Igor and I a lot of help to breathe, lol
So if you're thinking of taking your little one on hikes on the beach or that take more than 3 hours, as was our case.
Don't forget to take lots of water, cookies and work out your arms beforehand, lol.


At last we've reached the viewpoint!
What a beautiful view, it's almost 360º. You can see Praia Mole, Galheta, Lagoa da Conceição, Barra da Lagoa and the Rio Vermelho State Park.

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (20)

Everyone grabbed their cameras and we started clicking away, it's really beautiful, worth every step.
Emmanuel also enjoyed it and we played a lot, although his fun was more the puddle he jumped into with me than the view itself, but it was worth it!

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (22)

Seeing their little eyes sparkle and their mischievous smiles is great.
Igor, Emmanuel and I sat down for a while, enjoyed ourselves and reflected on how nice it is to have these moments together. There are so many things we want to teach our little ones and certainly respecting nature is one of them, and we see trails and landscapes as a unique opportunity for this.

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (20)

Knowing how to appreciate and care for our planet is priceless, and even though our little one is still young, I'm sure that this will be imprinted on his character.

Time to get down!

I was a bit tense to get down the trail, it had taken us so long to get up! Another three hours, was it? Oops, but already?
We went down another way and very quickly! We were now in Barra da Lagoa, it didn't even take 30 minutes, damn it!
Once I understood, the quickest access to the Mirante is via Barra da Lagoa, but if you want to go to Praia da Galheta, the quickest is via Praia Mole.
But if you're going to do the whole trail, it doesn't matter! The Galheta trail is all beautiful.
Another tip: keep your eyes peeled for surprises along the way!

trilha da galheta café culture crisstilben crispelomundo Floripa Florianópolis (1)

As our aim was different, we did Praia Mole, Galheta, Mirante and Barra da Lagoa, but if you want to spend the day at the beach, I recommend the opposite.
A nice swim will invigorate you after the hardest part of the journey, from Barra da Lagoa to Galheta.

It's on the table!

Our stomachs started rumbling and reminding us that it was time for papa, right son? We grabbed our cars and headed for Lagoa da Conceição!
But even so, I still stopped to look at the beautiful things along the way, every detail made me forget everything.
I was starving after this adventure along the Galheta trail.
Chosen location Café Culturebut I don't even like coffee lol.
We couldn't have chosen better, right away there was a kids' area to distract the little ones while we chose our dishes!

It was perfect, it was so peaceful while I scrutinized the menu and tried to choose something, a difficult task, everything looked delicious.

Coffee sauce?

But wait, I read something different that deserves attention! Fillet in coffee sauce? That's the one for sure and it comes with broccoli risotto, what do you mean? Bring it on!

And when he arrived, even though Igor had ordered a delicious spaghetti with medallions, he obviously wanted to steal my plate! The coffee sauce was just right, neither strong nor weak.
I never imagined that coffee would go so well with food, and I couldn't have tried it anywhere else! The guys really know their stuff about coffee.
Emmanuel ate the traditional kids' dish, breaded chicken with rice and potatoes, along with his orange juice.

Coffee class.

Now we were fed and happy, ready for a mini lesson on coffee.
We crossed the street and ended up in a laboratory with a delicious smell, ahh coffee.

The people at Café Cultura run barista courses for all coffee lovers who want to work with coffee.
The entire process is explained there, from the picking on the farms to the finalization in the cups.
I was amazed at how different the powders were, how they were ground and even how they were made.
I loved learning a little more about it, a completely interesting world.
Hey, it's almost sunset, are we going for it?
There's more to come.

Press play and travel with us.


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