Off to Camocim.

Sunset in Camocim Ceará!

A journey within a journey

Ahh I was very, very, very anxious to get up late, after all it was the day we were going to Camocim!!!
I woke up before the alarm went off! But I stayed lazily in bed, dozing and waking up until it was time to get up, but all good things are short-lived. Or it's short-lived because it's good... I don't know.
The lazy moment was over... and at 7 a.m. Cris got out of bed, staggering with laziness/sleep, packed everything to leave and we set off, I don't think I slept a total of five hours.
It's good that the lack of sleep just kept piling up.

GOING TO CAMOCIM Ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben (2)

Coffee, shower, tidy up, bags in the car and then all that was left to do was pick up Bel! Poor thing, we waited a while for her! On a Saturday morning she had to work ... which ended up delaying our trip to Camocim =p , but in the end everything went well, she got in the car and we set off ...

What a long way, my God, a lot of ground! Bel slept most of the way, Daniel drove and I chatted and took photos, like an excited child with all the news!!! But one thing caught my eye more than any other: several cars with a sticker saying #serranaomamae..... the election would be the next day.

going to camocim ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben

And it seems that the whole of Ceará was Dilma...
Okay, we went on and on and on and on, a bit more and the hunger started to set in, the journey became more and more tiring, we were already in the car for almost 4 hours! We left close to 10 and it was almost 14, has it arrived? And now? We've finally arrived!
2pm and we went straight to lunch!!! Toinha made a wonderful fish, Rafa was waiting for us for lunch, everything ready!!! We dropped our suitcases in the rooms and went rangarrr...
Delicious... too good... =p
My body was burning with fatigue, my eyes were heavy and my butt was square from the tripmmm, but my mind was racing!!! I wanted to see everything possible and we couldn't miss a second =p
Off to bathe, put on a bikini and hit the beach!!! Ahh, what would other beaches in Ceará be like?
Curious ^^ !!! We took the Bugre, or Buggy as they say, and headed for the beaches along the sand, we went all along the waterfront!!!! It was already late afternoon, we went more to see the sunset, I don't even like it...
But the sun was already setting, so we stopped in the middle of nowhere on a more than deserted beach and began to contemplate it.
What a magical, beautiful, beautiful place!!! The sand was making a path that was very reminiscent of the sea.

GOING TO CAMOCIM Ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben (3)

At the bottom it was denser and stuck to the ground, on the surface it was lighter and then carried away by the wind, making a beautiful design, unfortunately even the photo didn't show it properly.
It's funny that I noticed that even though the sun is the same all over the planet, there's a huge difference depending on where it rises, a particularity in each corner, the designs in the sky and the contours around it, the colors, but always incredible!!!
I took a lot of photos and each one came out in a different way, so beautiful that it's hard to decide which one to post.

GOING TO CAMOCIM Ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben (7)

It felt like I had entered another planet... there was only us there, no noise from cars, houses, people or anything else that could disturb nature.
It was us, the beach and a beautiful sun that was already setting.
The beach was also incredible, there were distant pools of seawater that were almost like a painting, with a ball of fire that was going out faster and faster.
While we watched the phenomenon, Théo (Rafa's little dog) played a lot among the water, the Bugre and us, running from one side to the other, throwing himself into the sand, biting our fingers, painting and embroidering, his joy infecting us even more.

GOING TO CAMOCIM Ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben (4)

Well, the sun was gone, or at least we could only see a glimmer of light, so since the show was over we headed to a hotel, which also functioned as a restaurant.
The place is beautiful, with a huge swimming pool facing the beach. We got there and each ordered a caipirinha to toast the moment.

GOING TO CAMOCIM Ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben (5)

While the boys were talking, I borrowed Rafa's camera, which was infinitely better than mine, and went to have some fun, the first time I'd touched a camera like this, I took one of the photos that became the background of my computer, I loved the play of colors and depth, I'm definitely going to save up some money to buy a similar one.

GOING TO CAMOCIM Ceara crisstilben crispelomundo cris stilben (6)

The sun, as I said, had almost all gone, but its colors were still making an effect in the sky along with the clouds, I love these colors that stay for a while until it really says goodbye, lol trip aside...
We chatted some more, it was very windy and this discouraged me from getting into the pool, since we would be returning in the Bugre without much protection from the cold. I sat quietly in the chair like a good girl, but with an absurd desire to throw myself into that water.
Hunger was starting to set in, and for a change my stomach was reminding me that I have a fat soul... where are we going to eat?
Ahh pastel with different dough... Huh? Huh? Yes, you'll understand, and off we went, back to the city center and stopped at a little birosquinha...
We each ordered a shrimp pastellll nhamm. Huge, the size of a normal plate, but very tasty!!! That different pastry was its enormous size lol.
It was very late, everyone was exhausted, but we still wanted to go out at night...
We went home, took a shower and agreed to lie down for 5 minutes to rest... and guess what?!!? We all wiped out until the next day 😉 Did anyone have any doubts that this would happen? Neither did we, we went to bed with almost 100% certainty that we'd go until the next day anyway, but we were all very tired and needed it hehehehe .

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