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Parade of champions 2016 - Salgueiro

As the great reveler that I am, it's a bit silly that I've never set foot in Sapucaí, but that's just it! I've enjoyed Carnival in many different ways, I've skipped a thousand carnivals, I've walked the streets of Rio de Janeiro in various blocos, I've even chased a trio elétrico in Salvador, I've climbed the slopes of Ouro Preto, in all sorts of ways, but I ended up neglecting the most bambambam, the famous parade in Sapucaí, after all, when we talk about Carnival in Brazil, we immediately connect the two, don't we?
He'd stand here quietly by my side and I'd shyly want to watch, but I'd always put it off, thinking that one day I'd see his show from the stands, until a great opportunity came along! And now, am I in or out?

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Getting to know the famous Sapucaí parade, and parading! Of course, why not????!!!! Everyone says it's a heart-stopping thrill and nothing is by chance, so of course I went for it!

It was all very short notice, I was invited at 7 p.m. and I had to show up at the concentration at 9 p.m., and I still had to leave Emmanuel with my parents. So I ran, got dressed and ran to Sapucaí! I was very nervous, after all, I didn't know anything about parades, I'm not one of those who fervently watches the scores or each school, I really fell for it! I looked at everyone excited and I was scared and happy at the same time, running to find my wing, until then the emotion hadn't taken over, only the stress. People were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for their turn, everything was quiet and calm. I chatted to passers-by, made lots of new friends, Igor talks more than a mouthful, so that part wasn't difficult.

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The time has come! A stern young man starts giving orders, everyone in position! Let's get organized, we'll be right in.
Aiiiiii, I'm so nervous, and they say the champions' parade is more relaxed and fun, huh?
We lined up and I soon understood the emotion, even I, who am not much of a samba dancer, was doing my little steps to the sound of "Explode coração...", the anthem song of Carnival and even more so of Salgueiro, the school I marched for, there I saw the promise of the night, everyone singing happily, tap dancing, jumping and sambaing for real.
Before long, the plot of the year began, "Malando's opera", and I, who knew absolutely nothing about the song, began to sing, "Who protects me doesn't sleep" and blah blah blah!

It's a feeling that takes over your body without you even allowing it to, and the next thing you know you're jumping up and down singing and cheering - you're a champion! Even after the day of the official parade has passed, you know deep down that you've won, you've won and you're a champion, at least for you and everyone who parades with you!

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You're not watching the show, you're part of it, the people in the stands are there to see you! To see the show you're putting on, they vibrate when you pass by them, they wave, they want to touch you and share this emotion with you, they sing as fervently as you do, it's an emotion that I'm sure only those who have stepped foot in Sapucaí can understand, I can say a thousand things, but to really know you need to feel it.
"Explode heart in the greatest happiness" is the soundtrack to everything we've been through in just a few minutes!
I loved the experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone, at least once in their life.
The goal now is to watch the parade from the stands and see what a beautiful show it is!

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