Last day in Brasilia and Paralympic training...

Paralympic Sport Brasília
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Ahhh... I woke up... and it would be the last morning that I would wake up with Laísa and I'd be nagging her to get up soon hehehehe... the next night I'd be sleeping with my cousins and I'd be leaving very early for Rio and she'd only be back a few days later... 
I had to work, right? =( 
Well, we woke up, I took a shower, it was around 6 in the morning... and then she went to shower too... 
We got ready, my eyes still closed from sleep... my mind didn't even dare to show signs of life! For some reason I was still sleepwalking huahuahauha
Hummm ready... camera in hand and get on the road, the later it gets the more traffic there will be... let's run!!!
We arrived to watch Thiago and Parré train (Ariosvaldo Silva) had been there for some time. 
The training was heavy.... all because the The World Athletics Championships in New Zealand were approaching and so they had to hit the gas, train at full speed...
Little by little, I began to realize that I was still alive, that the Earth existed, and the things around it. Every lap they ran around the track... I woke up... and then the clicks were made... 
Thiago began to feel a lot of pain in his arms, because he had gone in wearing a short blouse and his arm was getting baked by the wheelchair, he had no protector and it was starting to become raw, really painful, Parré helped his friend and lent him a long-sleeved blouse and this eased the boy's pain =D
The two of them were very focused, doing shots and several laps =) 
Parré had started training earlier, so he finished earlier and we finally got to talk to him... we missed him, we hadn't seen each other for a while =p
We caught up on gossip, took some photos together and he stayed with us for a while while Thiago finished his training...
Thi took a break to take pictures with Parré, the technicians and us =) Then Parré left because he had a lot to finish at home =) 
Shortly afterwards, Thi finished his workout and said he was in a lot of pain =( his arms hurt too much and his leg was sore too, since he stood on it in the chair =( 
Every athlete experiences pain in training and has to push their limits at all times, right? It's part of it and that's what makes them so admirable 😉 because few are able to endure it =p
Bommm pufff training finished and then... we headed home =) the day was going to be very full!!!
We got home and rested for a while, then got ready and went for lunch... in the afternoon we wanted to go to the imported goods fair, I wanted to buy a handbag and see some cheap things there, it's like the camelodromo here in Rio, but a bit bigger lol then we would go straight to the tourist attractions, the television tower... the Planalto... the Alvorada Palace and so on... 
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Boys and Techniques
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Training coming to an end, happy?? lol
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Open your eyes to the photo! hauhauahuh
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Go train lol
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Don't hide it! Go back to training!
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One more =)


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