Last day in Buenos Aires and MANY PROBLEMS

Last day, last hours!

Ahhh, I woke up more anxious than anything!
Would I have to pay for the hotel?
Well... there wasn't much I could do, so... I opened my eyes, took a shower and put on the clothes I was going to wear to Chile, since I'd only get there at night... and I'd spend the day between countries...
I went downstairs to have my coffee and then asked if they had solved it, but the answer was the same as the other days... NOTHING DONE!
I was so nervous! I went upstairs to finish packing... and as soon as I got to the room I called Igor, explained everything again and he called star travel service once more, and once more they said they would sort it out, as there was less than an hour until my check out!
A few minutes later I get a call in the bedroom! Aleluliaaaa!!! It was star travel service! They said they had paid the bill and that everything had been sorted out! I reminded them that I was still going to Chile and would be leaving soon! And if I wasn't going to have the same problem there, they assured me that everything was OK, that there would be no problem and everything would be fine, that everything was already paid for and more than OK?
We finished packing and SURPRISE! My friend's camera, the one he had taken as a spare, had disappeared from the room!
We went downstairs with our bags and went to reception to close the room and complain about the episode! The hotel simply said, was the camera in the safe? No? Then I'm sorry! My friend was left without the camera and with the battery in his pocket lol which proved the existence of such an object... but it was useless!
The best the hotel could do was get a maid to go up with him to look for the camera!
While I was waiting downstairs with my bags, I started to hear things from the guests who had witnessed what had happened... and they were Brazilians...
"Look, do you know why you can't go downstairs with a bag or camera at breakfast? Because the day before you arrived, a whole bag was stolen while you were having coffee!"
"Ahhh my flip flops were stolen from the bedroom too! I'm going to put my shoes in the safe now!"
"Be careful with your bags! Last week the guest got distracted and they took his bag and everything and nobody did anything. It was right here near reception!"
There were so many reports that my head began to explode and I was outraged at such disregard and lack of security in a HOTEL!!! Last year I went to Buenos Aires and the people in the mixed room I stayed in (that's right, people who didn't know each other!!!) left cameras, ipods and so on on the bed and nobody did ANYTHING! Go figure!
My friend went downstairs and his camera hadn't really been found, so he decided to go to the police and I stayed there waiting for the guy to transfer me to the airport....
A few, many, minutes passed and my friend appeared!
So, what happened?
Nothing, after waiting a long time and talking to a lot of people, I found out that the police station I was in was useless, I didn't really understand, but I think it's by neighborhood and the one I was in had no jurisdiction here! And as we were on short notice, I decided to go back, better than missing the flight!
We sat down for a few minutes and the taxi driver soon arrived.
It was time to say goodbye to Buenos Aires and hope that the problems stayed there!
What could Chile have in store for us?


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