Zoo Lujan - Buenos Aires.

We're going to Zoo Lujan! But how? I'll tell you all about it here!

Nham. nham.... WE WOKE UP

Eager, we got ready and went for coffee!!! Sweets, coffees, cheeses and lots of goodies, we were VERY careful with breakfast ... because we knew it was going to be a long day!!!
I've been to this Lujan Zooand food and things like that on the way, or even there =)
We left the café, grabbed what was left, I spoke to IGOR about the problems with the hotel, I used the hotel's WI FI for that...and he said he'd call Star Travel and sort everything out, since he was in Rio and the contact was easier =) and less expensive =) and then I left for the Zoo.
I asked for information at the hotel reception, I didn't know how to get there... I knew that the bus to Lujan left from Plaza Italia, but I couldn't remember how to get there...
The receptionist was the most helpful, he told me that I'd get stuck on the subway, so it was better to go down two streets and take a bus that would drop me off at the square =)
So off we went, me and Gabriel... happy and content =) we looked for a place to change our money from banknotes into coins, no one could change it for us... we walked well... and when we arrived at the bus stop we waited for about 20 minutes and our anxiety only grew... where was this blessed man!!!?!!? Ahhh it finally appeared.
Spacious, different buses, with an interesting and different charging scheme from here, it was like a slot machine... you only pay for the bus there with coins! We poured the coins in and the bus itself returned the change and gave us the note... very nice... We went around almost all of Buenos Aires... we had a good walk... and ... alleluiaaaa we arrived! IN PLAZA ITALIA hauhauaaa which wasn't even halfway there!
we crossed the street, went to the booth selling the bus tickets we needed (20 pesos round trip, about 10 reais) and finally boarded!!!
No kidding... from the time we left the hotel until we could catch the bus to Lujan, it took at least an hour... it's not that fast... not to mention that the bus from Plaza Italia to Lujan (look for the one that does this, it was the 57, and it was accepting notes instead of just coins, because it was in the square and that was kind of its final stop, so you could buy it in a booth! If it was in the middle of the street, just coins)... it takes about an hour and a half... so if you go there... don't go thinking that it's fast, close and you can wake up at 11 in the morning and go, because you can't!
We finally arrived! The point of Lujan is in the MIDDLE of a road with NOTHING, we had to cross it to really get to our destination... and right there at the entrance I noticed an absurd difference from last year, there were lots of people, it was full of vendors selling toys for children and so on...
Ticket office? NOSSAA I felt a difference there... last year I paid around 30 pesos, this year? HUNDRED pesos for foreigners... =( sad... but I paid... it's worth it =p I wouldn't go all the way back!

P8220731 1 - Cris Around the World

The zoo really had undergone a lot of renovations! It was a different place from last year! The cars and tanks that were randomly thrown around the zoo were in a reserved area, and access to the bears was restricted, along with the horses, deer and so on... only those with a guide could enter!
Cages for trilbies and lions ... had been multiplied and now there were these animals of various ages... elephants, no longer in a huge, free place... were restricted by some wire lines... and we could only get sort of close... and not as close as last year... dromedaries...?! ahh those have reduced their space even more... we used to go back and forth with them... now it's half a lap and that's it! Feel happy! Feeding animals with your mouth? NEVERAAAAAAAAAAAAA, it's over, whoever did it, did it! Those who didn't, just want to!

gabriel 013 - Cris Around the World

Good changes of scenery, let's enjoy the place? And make contact with the animals?
gabriel 024 - Cris Around the WorldFirst cage, lionesses =) the animals were almost asleep... no fun, we walked around a bit, saw huge daughters in the other cages and the lion cage empty, empty... then the second LION cage! Big one! I couldn't go last year! I was dying to go! But I confess that one thing scared me! In no other cage does it say... NO ONE UNDER 18 ALLOWED Ai papa... let's go!
I went in and they were asleep! I cuddled them and smelled their strong scent. VERY strong! The keeper said that they slept in the morning and woke up later... I thought it was funny and went to the rest of the zoo to enjoy...



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gabriel 023 - Cris Around the World
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