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Experience of a lifetime!

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting experiences of my life was provided by the Tamar Project in Aracaju. Every first Saturday of the month, turtles are released just before sunset on the waterfront in front of the project's headquarters, and I had the honor and pleasure of participating in this unique moment for the little turtles.

It was incredible to be able to see, touch and participate in such a fragile and special moment, I was ecstatic and the baby loved it too, he watched along with me, but didn't want to touch or get any closer, he just looked and ARGHT, thinking that the little ones were dinosaur cubs, lol!

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Oops, one important thing!!! Don't pick up the little turtles that are going to the sea, they need to do it on their own and memorize every step, because when they become adults, it's to this same place that they will return to lay their eggs!

But you held one, I want one too! Well, I only did it because it was empty that day and it was before I put them down, with lots of people picking them up they end up getting stressed and disoriented, that's not what we want, is it?
There are lots of little turtles starting their adventure, it's so beautiful to see! They leave the hands of the experts, straight into the sea, but it's a pity that very few of them make it to adulthood, the survival rate is very low, either due to natural selection itself, predators, human action or pollution of the seas, all of which contribute to this rate getting even lower!

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So, if you're like me and you think this animal and all of nature is beautiful, don't forget to pick up your garbage and do your bit. If possible, make the people you know aware of this and collect all the garbage you can, all help is very welcome and it doesn't cost anything to give nature a boost.
In 1980, José Catuêtê, Guy and Neca Marcovaldi began surveying species and nesting beaches for sea turtles, and little by little the Tamar Project became more and more real, taking its first steps in 1982, when the first Tamar base was created in Pirambu, along with Praia do Forte and Camboios-Regencia, the first three in Brazil.
Today the project has taken a thousand steps and has 19 bases and 11 visitor centers spread across 9 Brazilian states, with more than 15 MILLION cubs protected and tracked.

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Well, I'm a fan of the Tamar Project, I've already visited the Praia do Forte base in Bahia and now I've fallen in love with the Aracaju Tamar Project too!
As well as turtles, you can see sharks, moray eels and even animals that I would never have had the chance to see up close. If it hadn't been for the Yellow Submarine, a project within the Tamar Project in Aracaju, I wouldn't even have known that there were so many exotic and different animals, in this room they simulate an ideal condition for beings that live at great depths, we really don't know anything about the oceans yet. It all started with a very nice mini-movie explaining how many of the species present were captured, and then we went into a very dark room that was even colder than the previous room, where we saw crabs that looked like rocks, gigantic cockroaches, tiny sharks and scary moray eels!

To access the Yellow Submarine, you have to pay an additional fee and there is a limit on the number of visitors and specific times. As it is a controlled environment, some restrictions are necessary, otherwise the cold and light are impaired, but I assure you that the experience is worthwhile, as these are animals that you would never see otherwise and so close up!
The world really impresses me with its different forms of life according to the environment in which they live, long live Charles Darwin!
We saw several other aquariums scattered throughout the oceanarium and, of course, playing in the egg replicas was a must for #bbpelomundo...lol He didn't want to leave.

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Ahhhh, another very cool thing is that the oceanarium, when seen from above, is a perfect turtle, look how beautiful, everything thought out!

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The project as a whole is very cool and a real dive into the bottom of the sea, I loved it and I want to visit the other 9 visitor centers that I haven't been to yet!
Which ones did you go to? Which one did you like best?

Useful information:

Address: SE-100, 1010 - Atalaia, Aracaju - SE, 49037-475
Phone:(79) 3214-3243
Opening hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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We went to Aracaju at the invitation of the Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (SEMICT), together with 6 other blogs, Prefiro Viajar, Diário de Mochileiro, Nós na Trip, Maior Viagem, Casal no Mundo and Estevam pelo Mundo, as well as Claudio from the Estadão newspaper and Natália from Resvista Viaje Mais.

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