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a real surprise

A well-hidden corner, that treasure that the locals keep to themselves.
I'd been to Paraty a few times before, but who said I'd been introduced to this Jabaquara?
Access via a shy little road on the left side of the Paraty canal is a little hidden, but nothing that a little attention to the signposts can't solve. Before long, we saw a beach with calm, almost still waters, surrounded by exuberant nature and with a river that kisses the sea, a perfect place for a more leisurely meal.

And the restaurant chosen this time was the Balacobacco Beach Bar, which stands out for its comfortable chairs and hammocks that add an extra charm to the local beauty.
As soon as we sat down, I ordered a pineapple juice with mint, with a twist: it comes with ginger and lemon, and it's very good! It's delicious, strong, different and very tasty.
Then it was time for the most complicated task, choosing the dish. As we were couples, we opted for the seafood platter. Very well served and deliciously beautiful!

Everything was perfectly thought out, and the owner is an Italian by trade, and the mixture of the native and Brazilian spices was simply DIVINE! You know those foods that you love and think are impossible? Well, they managed to do that, it was SO GOOD, especially the big prawns, nhaammm!!!
Almost satisfied, I still had room to choose dessert, a beautifully made and decorated petit gateau. I was delighted with the composition of the dishes, which were equally delicious.

I left with the feeling that it was one of the best seafood restaurants I've ever been to, delicious, cozy, beautiful dishes and perfect taste! Along with good service and a charming atmosphere, it was a good choice to end our trip on a high note, and I confess I'm already dying to go back!
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I was invited by this delicious restaurant, but all the information contained herein is true and accurate.

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