Strolling through Porto Alegre.

Boat trip around Porto Alegre

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Moving on...
So it was a beautiful Thursday, what would we do?!?!
Getting to know Porto Alegre, uhulll hihihihi.
HandleWe took the train early and got off atthe city, we went to thepublic market, where I bought two beautiful and cheap pantsimmmasss!!!!Ameii o investment, purchases made were thento feed ourselves =D, we had lunch in the mall in the center of POA! From there jwe have already amended to o MARGS(air museumte of the RGS).
porto alegre (3)
We saw somes exhibitions (very nice pictures)many by the way)Then we went to the RS Memorial and the Santander Cultural (Former bank that has been transformed into a cultural centerl with exhibitions, samples of old money, cinemas, etc),we went to the Mother Church (cathedrall metropolitana), parish square we passed the São Pedro theater, but it was closed. then Cculture wing Mário Quintana (in the hotel where he lived for a long time, a place with a library, cinemas, teatros, exhibitions) I gave kissing his doll and everything!!!
porto alegre (2)
We went on to the army museum, and then to themthe power plant gasômetro(former thermoelectric power plant transformed into a cinside cultural)
we spent some time there and we were ride on the White Swan, a beautiful walk along the Guaiba River, with an absurd sunsetrdo de bonito, we saw the city from the river and it really was aa very nice view!
porto alegre (1)
Later in the evening we went to Favorite, a little bar in thewhere we ate an entrevero (various types ofand minced meat),
met Rafa um amigo of my friend Gaucho, we talked about soccer, music and many other things, it was a very busy day!!!
But the next day we were going up the Serra Gaucha, so we couldn't stretch the night out like that!!!
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