Retrospective 2013

The year of change.

A beautiful present I received gave me the idea for the 2013 retrospective for the blog!
That's right, I won a beautiful photobook from the guys at Foto Registro, where I put a little bit of each trip this year and it was so beautiful that I had to share it with you!
And as I looked through the photobook, I remembered how many good things happened in 2013, it was a year of many surprises and the blog gained a lot!


It grew so much, went so many places and had many new features.
It was certainly a wonderful year, when Cris pelo Mundo got its own domain, started having videos, a facebook page, a youtube channel, instagram, a logo and everything else a blog should have!
The new year has already started with a trip to Búzios, here in the state of Rio de Janeiro, but the vacations have started in earnest in New York!

retrospective (18)


And it was in New York that everything changed, I gained the strength to make my first video, just like me who was so embarrassed! I picked up the camera in the middle of Central Park, with the greatest shyness in the world and without any text ready, and started talking like crazy, about everything I thought at the moment, and that's how my first video was born! People needed something more dynamic than just posts, I'd already been to so many cool places that I couldn't miss the chance to talk to the camera, it wasn't fair to the readers.
Gradually my shyness went away and wherever I found something interesting, I'd turn on the camera and say something. Over time the shyness went away and the videos got better, but to this day I don't have any texts to record, I just make them up on the spot.
As the vacations went by, I left New York for Miami and continued with the videos!
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I started to have fun recording, little by little I started to play around with the camera, but I was still a bit stuck, I've never been one for being filmed, I've always preferred photos, but as it was something necessary and I knew the result would be nice, I carried on and continued the whole trip recording what I found interesting!
I still didn't know what format I wanted for the videos, so I tried them out and each one came out a bit differently.
I went on the cruise, made stops in Labadee in Haiti, went to Montego Bay in Jamaica and Cozumel in Mexico!
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In Cozumel it was my first and only binge of my life, the Mexican water (Tequila) really gets you going, so don't overdo it, hehehehe.
When I got back from vacation and with all this material in hand, I decided to give the blog a new direction! I made the videos and the biggest change started there! The return on the videos was greater than I had imagined, it gave the blog a real boost!
And that's when the domain appeared, with a logo and everything you need!
In March I created the facebook page and since then it's just grown more and more, so happy!
Ah, but the trips didn't stop there!
The year went by and I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Brazilian Amazon, I stayed at the Ariau Tawers, in the middle of the Rio Negro in Amazonas, very cool!
retrospective (2)
I organized myself, thought about the video and then, with a little more programming, the videos came out better! It was a series of three very cool episodes, with super interesting stories. Unfortunately, I still didn't have the proper material, such as a microphone and more professional things, but little by little we grew and the news kept coming!
I went back to Disney to play a bit, spent 5 days at a resort in Porto de Galinhas, ran to New York again to buy more material for the blog, wow, it's been a year of many fruits!
Not to mention the partnerships that were born! I joined RBBV, made wonderful friends and discovered a new world, that of the blogsphere.
I went to the travelers' meeting and took part in the Experience Blog Tour, all organized by the guys from INTRIP.
It was so good to exchange ideas with these people! I've grown a lot, I've learned a lot and I see that I still have a long way to go, but I'm so happy that I've made progress.
I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has given me the support, affection and strength to carry on with the blog and to say that there's lots of news to come and lots of trips!
All the videos I've made, giving you a taste of the retrospective down here!
First video New York part 1
New York part 2
Cruise - Allure of the Seas
Amazonia part 1
Amazonia part 2
Amazonia/Manaus part 3
Rio de Janeiro
Trinka Band - Winner of the competition
Porto de Galinhas - PE
Disney - Orlando
New York in the fall
Travelers' meeting

And to finish, a little video of this year's Christmas tree at the lagoon!

[xt_video type="youtube" clip_id="5FXP96wOI5k"]

Merry Christmas, lots of love, affection and peace to everyone!
Of course with lots of trips and a much better 2014 than 2013!

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Supermarket in Amsterdam -

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

The Blessed - Salvador Carnival.

Carnival in Salvador.

Christmas in Portugal

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