Retrospective 2015

A year of transition.

Another year is coming to an end and I couldn't help but post the blog's retrospective here.
Last year was the year I was pregnant, I managed to travel a lot with my belly and this was my first year as a mother, the best thing in the WORLD! If only everyone knew how wonderful it is traveling with your child and introduce him to the world, they'd quickly order their own, lol!
Well, at least I'm LOVING it and every trip is more enjoyable, with him becoming more and more clever and intelligent and understanding everything around him. We've only been on a few trips this year, but they've all been very significant, his first time on everything, airplanes, beaches, hotels, excursions and everything he's entitled to! I don't know if he'll remember it, but it'll stay in my memory forever!
The key words to sum up the year are: REALIZATION, HAPPINESS, TRANSITION and GROWTH.
I went from a little girl who wanted to see the world to a woman who wants to present the best of the WORLD to her greatest gift, her son.

Our first trip was to PRAIA DO FORTE, very close to Salvador, in Bahia. We experienced a different way of staying, in a wonderful hotel with all the facilities for our baby's first trip. At B Blue Beachouses
It couldn't have been better. We were able to share some great family moments with Grandma and Grandpa Laura and Ulysses, and to top it off we took my partner brother with us, who helped us to put everything here for you.
Everything unknown, many doubts, how he would leave on the plane ?! Thank God it's impossible =D
The trip was great, we enjoyed it very much and we baptized him when he was two and a half months old!
retrospective 2015 praia do forte itacimirim cris stilben cris around the world

The second was nearby, with the most DIVAS in the world, lol we did the DIVAS MEETING AT THE MARINA, a boutique hotel It couldn't have been better! #bbpelomundo took his first boat trip and really enjoyed it, being drooled over by several aunts, the traveling

Terceira went to a gastronomic meeting, SC Gourmet, in Santa Catarina. Straight to Blumenau with agendas full of treats for the palate, we got to know a little of the local cuisine, visited breweries, restaurants and everything else Blumenau could offer and obviously #bbpelomundo followed everything closely and curPomerode crispelomundo cris stilben cris pelo mundo (1)tiu a lot! It was also there that he sat on his own for the first time, another breakthrough! He was already a big boy at 5 and a half months old, and it's great to be able to remember important things about the places we visited.

That was also the year that #bbpelomundo took his first long car trip! We went to Bom Jesus do Itabapoana for the wedding of our dear friends Nathy and Vini, he was best man and everything, a great adventure, and exemplary behavior, we have no doubt that he will accompany us on any trip!
retrospective 2015 bom jesus do itabapoana cris around the world cris stilben

And to close the year we ended up going to São Paulo for a short weekend, meeting friends and walking around Ibirapuera, he loved it! It was also on this trip that we traveled alone for the first time! Mom and #bbpelomundo only, since Dad was in São Paulo waiting for us, and even with the boarding hassles and even changing airports, he behaved exemplarily!
retrospective 2015 ibirapuera são paulo crisstilben cris around the world

It's been a great year and it's given us a taste of what we want to see more of. As it grows all the time, travel becomes much more accessible, so we're very excited for the year ahead! So what's our next destination? #bbpelomundo is already wondering!
retrospective 2015 cris around the world crisstilben

Cheers and happy new year! With lots of trips, of course!

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