San Diego & its lifestyle

10 tips on San Diego and the Californian lifestyle by @guiasandiego

1. water sports- Have fun in the calm waters of San Diego Bay paddling the Standup Paddle, or get your adrenaline pumping and cross the bay on a Jet Ski heading out to sea.

2. Sunset & Bonfires - When the sun goes down in San Diego, flames light up the beaches and the bay. There are plenty of bonfires all over Mission Bay and Crown Point, and marshmallows are the order of the day, while nature does its part by painting the sky different colors.

3. SeaWorld San Diego - One of the most popular attractions for families and groups of friends, entertainment, shows and interactive areas are all part of the venue's program

4. At the club - Enjoy the nightlife with a pair of flip-flops in Pacific Beach, many bars, pubs and restaurants in this young, beachy and bustling Californian neighborhood.

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5. Chatting to strangers - Californians are like that, they love to chat. They greet you, ask about your day and give you good vibes in a quick chat that changes the rest of your day

6. Respecting and admiring nature - In California you can live directly with nature almost all the time and you learn to admire and respect it. You'll have the chance to see dolphins, seals, whales and sea lions. Over time, watching the sunset will become an almost obligatory part of your daily routine

7. Respect the law - The "stop" sign is really for stopping, regardless of whether there is someone waiting to cross or not. The crosswalk is made for pedestrians and don't you dare break this law because, at the very least, you'll be cursed at and embarrassed

8. You don't have to drink on the beach to have fun - You're not allowed to drink on the beach or on the streets in California. In fact, like many beaches abroad, there are no stalls or kiosks, or anyone selling handicrafts or food. It's strange at first, but over time you learn that this way the beach and streets stay cleaner and that there are other ways to enjoy them. Sports, reading books, admiring nature, good conversations and much more

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9. A flip-flop can be worn on any occasion - People generally don't care much about how you're dressed, anywhere you go you'll see a variety of styles coexisting without judgment.

10. Traveling by car is a delight - The roads are wonderful, a veritable carpet, tolls are very rare and petrol is still at a good price. With an incredible variety of scenery: from desert to snow, from beaches to forests, it's a delight to drive around and see the atmosphere change as you travel along the kilometers.

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