The beginning of thinking in the South. going to Porto Alegre

Going to Porto Alegre

End of party feeling!
College finished, all that was left was the graduation ceremony, the monograph delivered and presented and a feeling of nostalgia, even a certain sadness...
What's next? The evidence? Where are they? Where am I going to meet so many people at once? Gee, even though I was lazy, it was so much fun...
Another chapter was closed and a more adult life followed =) tears and memories were accepted and better kept.
But with the arrival of graduation something bad came along with it, a little earlier, a week or two before...
The end of my relationship/engagement...
One day my ex wanted to talk to me and tell me that he'd rather break up today so that he could have a chance tomorrow, because I don't deserve to be screwed over ever, because I'm a great person.... Conversations aside, he really dumped me!
And now! Has everything changed? I no longer have college to occupy my mind! And the relationship that wasn't going so well is over for good!
Cold, lonely weekends. What do I do? Oh, I'm sending myself to the SOUTH, carnival is coming, I'm not in the mood for flirting, I want some time to myself! New air, I'm going to give myself a present and go crazy for 11 days =p UAHuaha

island 1 - Cris Around the World
Humm and everything was maturing and being very supported by the friend from the South...
Come on Cris!!! Come, I'll help you here! Stay a few days at my house and so on =p a perfect support and great to occupy the mind and celebrate the end of a stage....
Or rather two 😉
And start a whole beautiful professional life with the rope...
I researched, I bought and I went!
When I boarded the plane in Rio I found out that there was a festival going on in Porto Alegre, several bands were on the same plane and everyone looked at me strangely because I was carrying a camping tent, a sleeping bag and a rather large suitcase... lol

flying 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
I arrived at Porto Alegre airport with accents very different from mine!
But the heat was identical to Rio's. Anyone who has the illusion that the South is cold is deeply mistaken!
Jesus, what was that heat, me in jeans, a T-shirt and high heels DYING of heat, sweating, melting and not understanding a thing, because I also thought it was a cold place! hauhauhauah naive! Poor me.
When I landed, my friend was already waiting for me, so we ate at the airport, went to a nearby mall to kill some time and took the train to the bus station! My saga wasn't over yet, we headed for Floripa, me, my tent and sleeping bag in hand!

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