A night out in Brasilia!

Night Brasília

I got ready, put on a blouse, pants and high heels... put on a pencil and that was it... I'm not much of a dresser!
The girls from Brasilia dress up so much! I think the people from Rio are the ones who dress up the least, because in the rest of the country it's hard to produce... I'm amazed!
While I was getting ready, Thiago and some friends were chatting, his cousins arrived, we had a little hour, chatted and soon we were off to meet Laísa.
I drove a bit of Thiago's car, which was adapted, since he is a wheelchair user, and I thought it was very different! Lol when I started the car it was already moving!!! No clutch, just the brake and accelerator and so on =p but it was easy to drive 😉 I did well hihihi.
Thiago took the car the rest of the way, we talked to Laísa and arranged to meet at Pier 21, there was going to be a Buchecha concert and the boys wanted to see the cariocas dancing funk =p and find out if we danced well =D
Laísa went from the wedding straight to Pier 21 and we met her in the parking lot, driving around a bit until we finally found each other. We went to the concert venue, which was a nightclub, and saw that it was full and with some new people =p , we decided to go around the city and see if we could find something better...
Nearby there was like a nightclub, it was a party playing house, neither Laísa nor I liked it very much, but one of the organizers was from Rio and came to talk to us. He said that if we went in, he'd do it for free for us and at the end he'd play Funk hauhauhuh so that the people of Brasilia could see how we danced =p
We thought about it for a while and said we'd go for a walk and see if we could find something better and we'd come back, since house wasn't really our thing.
We looked for something better, but we didn't really find it, we went to the market, bought fuel for the boys, red fruit smirnoff, and other things...
They drank while we searched and we ended up going back to the place with House, the Rio organizer got us in for free and the boys bought another bucket of vodka with energy drinks... big drinkers, hehehehe.
Well, if you don't have a dog, hunt with a cat. Laísa and I wanted to dance... so... we started, and the circle opened up, we danced together, we pulled Thiago, the cousins, we had a lot of fun and the next thing we knew, the people were crowded behind the dance floor and we had a good space to dance, in front of the stage, where the DJ was! I didn't really understand why, but gradually I did.
The girls there don't talk properly to the boys =p they're very "closed", and the two of us were dancing with Thiago and his cousins.
Thiago's cousins said that the girls there weren't nice, especially at night, they didn't stop to talk and that we were really nice because of that, friendly and stuff... and when we were in the middle of the night, a guy approached, a bit lost... he touched my arm and confirmed this theory...
Hi... how cool is your friendship, I want to have one like that one day!
And he left... after that I understood why the nightclub had stopped to watch us... not to mention the fact that we didn't stop for a single minute...

SAM 1297 1 - Cris Around the World

I was sweating a lot, it was very hot, and I still couldn't sit still! I drank water every five minutes! Then came the break. A Pole Dancer was giving a performance, and I used that time to go to the bathroom and sit down for two minutes, the performance went a bit quickly, or by the time I realized it was too late hauahuaha, I don't know...
Thiago was also successful! A boy stopped and spoke...
I'm going to buy myself a wheelchair tomorrow... hauahuahauhauh.
Even though the night was playing House, we were having a lot of fun! Me, Laísa and the boys danced all night long, a lot, a lot, and at the end, almost at the crack of dawn... Funk came on... then the nightclub went down...
Detail! I can't even dance properly hauhauhuaha but since we were having fun... anything goes 😉
We left dripping wet and went home a little exhausted...
But we didn't want to die, as we'd only have a short time to recover our energy and head to a barbecue... which would be at 11am that same day =D hauhauhauh



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SAM 1294 1 - Cris Around the World
Early evening... starting to sweat...
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Thiago and one of his cousins
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=) Our pupil.
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Laísa dancing hauhaua.
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