Traveling is much more than just fun.

Traveling has taught me a lot.

Traveling has made me much stronger, and today I saw that with all the certainty in the world!
Walking around with a backpack on my back, sleeping on the floor, in a tent, in a hotel hall, hostel or anywhere else has made me stronger, so that I can sleep anywhere and still think that a sofa bed that I can barely fit into is a luxury!
Traveling to and from work hours before work has also helped me to make the most of minutes and things, to value seconds and moments.
Waking up each day in a different place has helped me not to worry about having to sleep at home, any place is a good place and there's no such thing as "nothing like home", you just have to know how to take the good things from it.
And today, once again, I had to sleep in the hospital with Dad and rush off to work, probably in the past I would have been destroyed and tired and full of pampering, but not today, of course I'm tired from the stress of the whole thing, but the crooked sofa bed didn't make me sleep badly, I even found it comfortable in a way, rushing off to work didn't make me any more stressed, I'm used to arriving here straight from a trip, but sleeping in a hospital didn't make me any more stressed. For someone who wakes up every hour in a different part of the world, a hospital is just another place, and at the moment I was sleeping next to my father and giving him a little more comfort, it comforted me a lot too, I think maybe that was the place I most wanted to be at the moment, which was next to him.
And for those who think that traveling is just fun, you're very wrong! Traveling is a lesson that you don't pass on, you just live it, you get to know yourself and you grow so much on each trip.

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