Trindade - Recognizing the Terrain.

Getting to know the beaches.

Cruel doubt and hunger! What to do? Where to start!
Do you also get dizzy when you arrive somewhere? It's so new.
This time it was my stomach that chose, it was past midday and my tummy was complaining a lot, but then there was another question: where to eat?!!!
The crowd dispersed and it ended up being just me, Igor, Luiz and Wanessa looking for a BBB place, in other words: Good, Beautiful and Cheap. Thankfully, it didn't take long to find one. We asked around town until we found a very cheap PF, perhaps the cheapest in town, R$15.00! It's on the way to Praia do Rancho, but still in town, at an unassuming fork in the road. The place doesn't look like a restaurant at all, more like a kiosk than anything else, but we were so hungry that we went anyway.
I ordered a fried fish with rice, beans and salad, VERY TASTY, it was really worth it, very well seasoned, I ate it lickety-split!
From there we went happily to the beach and I was finally able to relax a little, the water was neither hot nor cold, the sea was calm and the scenery was amazing!!!


First we went to Praia do Meio, but it was a bit crowded and we didn't stay long, so we decided to take the trail to Caixa D'aço beach, which is 400 meters long and has a very nice view.
The trail crosses a hill and is full of ups and downs, so every time we went up or down it was a different landscape, with trees, leaves and a lot of things that nature has taken care to leave with the greatest care to make its natural paintings, impossible not to stop and take pictures.


When we got to the beach, there was one more reward: the beach is BEAUTIFUL and because it is more difficult to access, it is emptier than any other.
My curiosity was piqued and I needed to get to the Caixa D'aço swimming pool, so we finished crossing the beach and headed off on another 700m trail, even though it was longer than the first one, it was quieter because there wasn't so much up and down.


At the end we reached the rocks that make the entrance to the pool like a gate! UUUhhhuuulll we have arrived!
It was a bit crowded, as despite the difficult access, there are boats that leave from Praia do Rancho for just R$10.00 per person for each stretch. After all the sacrifice, the weather took a turn for the worst, it got cloudy and the sun wasn't forecast to come out again, but we enjoyed it anyway.
In the middle of the pool there was a long queue for the lazier crowd who prefer to take the boat, leaving one side of the pool fuller than the other.


We found our emptiest spot and enjoyed ourselves there, seeing little fish, swimming and enjoying ourselves. The afternoon was fine, but we still wanted to go to Pedra que Engole, another well-known tourist spot in the city.
We hurried, got back on the trail and began the saga to the waterfall, of course with a few strategic stops.
Come and dive in with us.

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