Turkish Airlines returns to pre-flight meal service

Turkish Airlines returns with service that allows passengers to choose a meal before the flight

You fly knowing you're going to eat

Every time I see news about the recovery of tourism, my heart flutters! Obaa! Little by little, I'm feeling hopeful and enjoying traveling around the world again, and this time I'm bringing you some very good news, from the company I consider to be the BEST I've ever flown with! Turkish Airlines is back with the service that allows passengers to choose their meal before the flight.

The best company I've ever flown with

When we went to Thailand in 2017, we had the chance to experience Turkish Airlines' excellent service. You can check out our experience here.

The comfort of the flights, plus the quality of the service, made all the difference to our experience. Just so you understand, Emmanuel was only 2 years old at the time, and he didn't feel any discomfort on the journeys. There were 2 planes from Brazil to Bangkok, with a stopover of a few hours at the Turkish airport, and at the end of the 38-hour journey he still wanted another plane flight! He got so many gifts that I don't think he'd ever want to get off a Turkish plane again, laughs. It was incredible and wonderful, impossible not to remember this experience fondly! After all, it was there that I saw what a traveler he is.

What it's like to fly with Turkish Airlines - Cris Pelo Mundo flight with child Children's flight kit (14)
2017 intercontinental trip giveaways

Turkish Airlines returns with some premium services

As I've already said, this airline cares a lot about its passengers and in order to guarantee an even more complete experience, Turkish Airlines is once again announcing a number of services.

Customers booked on intercontinental Turkish Airlines flights can once again select the main meals they would like to enjoy on board the aircraft before boarding. The company resumed this service last month and it is available on flights departing from Istanbul International Airport for Business Class passengers.

The dishes served on these flights can be accessed at official website The airline's meals include a variety of meat, fish and pasta options, as well as traditional Turkish delicacies. Meals must be selected from the airline ticket information via the Turkish Airlines website or app up to 48 hours before departure.

Turkish Airlines returns to pre-flight meal service
Some of the options on the Turkish Airlines website

The dedicated check-in counters for Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers at Istanbul Airport and the catering service on all the airline's domestic flights are also back. Since September, passengers flying between Turkish cities have received a cold meal in Business Class and a snack kit in Economy Class.

This news about the return of Turkish Airlines makes me very happy! I'm a huge fan of the company's services and this fills me with hope that I'll be able to fly and experience this again soon.

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