I survived, unforeseen events on the trip.

How to react?

Whenever we travel, we think only of the best, but sometimes fate has something bigger in store for us, like illness or a broken foot, maybe even both! Unfortunately, unforeseen events are not expected.

That's what happened on my last trip, but did I miss out because of it?

Of course not! I'm the kind of person who always tries to get the best out of everything, and a broken foot or intoxication isn't going to change me.

Things happen when you least expect them, and it's no different for me. I always want to experience everything that places have to offer.
This time I stayed in a wonderful hotel called Summerville Beach Resort in Muro Alto-Pernambuco, with a perfect structure and lots of fun activities! I rushed to make the most of every minute and that's when the first unforeseen event happened: I broke my foot, or rather my middle toe!


But how? I simply went to enjoy the activities, which were great so far, apart from the rain that was falling on the beach, but that didn't intimidate me, the problem was the stand up paddle! I took the board and walked as far as the sea would go, climbed up like on a surfboard and paddled even deeper, until I stood up and paddled even deeper, theoretically VERY deep, right? NO! Very shallow, that's when I messed up, fell off balance into the shallows and puft bufth pummm, I broke the thing! Still in pain, I stayed on the beach enjoying the shy sun that was coming out and then went to the hotel's medical center.

There I was treated, my finger was put back in place and I bandaged it to make it firmer. Unforeseen events happen on trips, unfortunately this time it was on the first day and it affected my mobility a little, but I couldn't let that get me down! When things like this happen, we have to make the most of what we have left. From then on, I did things that prioritized my upper body, I walked with some difficulty, but I was able to walk and I focused on staying in the pool, enjoying the beach and kayaking! Yes, I could still kayak! And there's always something good to do, but you can't let your bad mood take over.


The days went by and I enjoyed what I could, of course it's annoying not to have 100% of your capacity to enjoy, but if you close your face, you end up not enjoying even 10% and then you've wasted your trip!

This time fate wanted to test me! Even with a broken foot, I went to the beach every day, swam with one leg, stayed in the sun when it appeared (it rained a lot too!). And it's not because it's raining that I won't go to the beach or pool, right? Or do you when you travel?) I walked in the coral reefs, always with extreme caution! After all, with less mobility, you have to be even more vigilant! I did everything I could and couldn't! I took more care of my body when I got home, until...
At two o'clock in the morning my body starts to feel a bit nauseous, I wake up and go to the bathroom! Oh no, I'll get sick on top of my feet? In just one trip? There are always unforeseen events, but two like this was a record for me! I spent the whole night feeling ill, I went to the hotel infirmary again, which was probably already feeling sorry for me! Everything happened, it wasn't possible, in just four days, imagine a month-long trip? That's right.


I spent the whole of the next morning in my room and the afternoon, even into the night! I left only to go back to the infirmary and take my medication. Could it be that the bad mood was already coming? No!!! As always, you have to look on the bright side! Getting sick is always bad, but getting sick in front of the beach in a huge bed and a beautiful bungalow is even better, especially when the sickness only comes on the last day of the trip, with good memories to comfort you.

Well, I had to think about something, I couldn't let such an enjoyable trip (Yes! Even with all that it was great!) spend its last moments being bad!

What did I do on the last day that I was ill? I stopped to think about how good it was to be able to travel, that even though I was ill many people would like to be enjoying the same opportunity as me, and as incredible as it may seem, thinking about it made me feel better, I didn't let the illness get the better of me and by the end of the night I was almost well! I woke up the next day feeling even better and when it was time to board the plane I was almost refreshed.

I've discovered an incredible secret! Don't let yourself get down! Always look for the good in things, because it's always there and when you find it, it pulls you up and helps you get better faster, but if you let the illness win, it's gone, trip more than lost! And come to think of it, if we're going to be grumpy, we'll leave it at home, right? While we're traveling, let's just enjoy it!

What about you? What do you do when you get sick or break something?


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