Willow Experience.

What's that?

This weekend I had the honor of seeing a great show!
It's aimed more at tourists, but if you're from Rio and you're embarrassed because you don't know how to samba, your problems are over and you can enjoy it too!
I'll explain further:
I was invited by the Intrip who, together with Inside Rio Tours, organized a BLOGtour Experience, a way of publicizing this new experience that the Willow is providing.
The name is Willow Experience and they were brilliant in their business thinking!
First of all, they've included a transfer in the package, which is a godsend for those who want to drink or don't want to keep looking for places. They arrange to pick us up at around 8pm and we're off to Salgueiro in comfort and happiness!!!
As soon as we arrive at Salgueiro, we receive a bracelet, are greeted by costumed passistas and go up to the box area, where the party begins.
A very lively staff welcomes us and we get into the mood with caipirinhas and lots of samba. They even go into more depth by talking about Afro culture with a beautiful presentation.


Oops, we're moved to another room and the real samba begins! A teacher gives the initial samba steps and the most uninhibited go to the center of the circle to learn.
Everyone was very animated, with beautiful steps and a calm class for even the most hardened to start sambaing, without any shame.
Especially as those who are embarrassed get a little extra help from the passistas who appear from everywhere, they look like springs! And they do it with such dexterity that it doesn't seem difficult, but when you try you realize that it is difficult, but with their help it gets a little better.
Ahhh and that's not all, there's also a drumming and costume workshop to get the crowd even more excited!

willow experience 1 (2)
You know those feathers that people put on their backs and walk down the avenue? Well, we tried it out too and we were able to understand a bit why people are so naked at Carnival! As well as weighing a lot, it's VERY hot and the exercise makes it even hotter, so now it makes perfect sense.
We started jumping around and getting more excited by the minute, joking, jumping and before we knew it we were down in the middle of the court with the people who were going to enjoy the 2014 samba rehearsal.
It's a unique energy and an incredible experience! You don't have to be a tourist to enjoy it, it's a real treat for cariocas too! And it's another view for even those who go to samba school rehearsals.

willow experience 1 (5)

After all that, I needed to rest a bit, so I went back to the cabin and watched everything from above, while taking a breather! I exchanged ideas with the other bloggers and was delighted with everything on the night.
Very cool and fun!
And just when you thought it was over, the rehearsal starts on the side of the stage, the drums kick up a storm and the beautiful drum queen Viviane Araújo shows why she's Queen! How samba and charismatic this woman is, as well as beautiful, right? She even posed to look beautiful here on Cris pelo Mundo!

willow experience (22)

Sympathy in person and a lot of joy! It was so contagious that I even tried out a few steps, but I'm so shy that I kept quiet and every now and then something came out of my feet and hips.
The night was coming to an end and I was very tired! But it had been worth every second and the experience had been magnificent, I can't wait to go back soon!
Do you want to live with us? Come on! Watch the video that shows everything about the evening in more detail.

[xt_video type="youtube" clip_id="ngR3Q9_Qplo"] [xt_divider] [small_header]Event price: R$220,00[/small_header] Transfer + box + caipirinha welcome drink + samba and drum lessons + an incredible experience!!!
Be sure to check out the full album! Just click here.
Did you like it? Have you been too? Do you want to go?

[xt_button id="buy" class="intrip" size="large" href="http://www.intrip.com.br/cidades/rio-de-janeiro/experiencias/samba-salgueiro-experience" target="_blank" color="orange" align="left" weight="normal"]BUY EXPERIENCE[/xt_button]
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