A romantic day in Penedo

A little piece of Finland in Brazil

As the main Finnish colony in Brazil and one of the three most popular winter tourist destinations in the country, the district of Penedo also has a romantic touch to its structure. The charming little houses and all the natural beauty that surrounds the region make Penedo attractive to couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban centers and spend more peaceful days together.
More specifically, the district is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, in the Itatiaia Municipal Ecological Park, a place that offers various ecotourism options and all the peace that visitors are looking for. Both the upper and lower parts of the park are home to hanging valleys where the rivers originate and beautiful vegetation and watercourses, ideal for refreshing swims.
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Penedo is naturally the ideal place to spend a special day as a couple. In the morning, the main tip is to visit the waterfalls, with their short trails. The Cachoeira de Deus is the largest of them, 15 meters high, in the Alto Penedo district. The Três Bacias waterfall is also very beautiful, and in the right company the cold waters go unnoticed.
For the evening, the couple can take advantage of everything the city has to offer, such as Pequena Finlândia, one of the region's traditional shopping malls, which houses the "Santa Claus House". In the center, the Chocolate Factory is also very interesting to visit, and of course, the couple can indulge in the local chocolates, which are sold outside the mall at more affordable prices.
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Strolling through the center you can also find local handicrafts, artisanal ice creams, and when it comes to cuisine, Penedo stands out for using trout in almost every restaurant in the region. And there's nothing better than ending the evening in a pleasant restaurant with good service. One tip is for those that offer fondues, which are always good in the cold weather, with meat, cheese and chocolate options.
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It's also important to choose the right place to stay. Penedo offers numerous options of individual chalets with a rustic style, some even with fireplaces, which makes the atmosphere much more romantic and cozy. In any case, strolling around the main points of Penedo is a guarantee of an excellent day with that special someone. To find more restaurants and inns in Penedo, visit Roteiro de Turismo.

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