Arrival on the cruise - Miami.

I woke up with the lens in my head: would I change it, would I ask for my money back... what would I do? Complete indecision, and I still had to check in at 3pm for the cruise, which was on the other side of town!
So much indecision!!! Anyway, I had to go down to the hotel at 8 a.m. to settle my bill, so I did, and from there I would decide whether to go straight to the cruise, or go back to the mall and settle my heartache...
Hotel, ok... I used the PC, which is available to guests and left, I went straight to the mall, I couldn't stand it! It was really bothering me and I definitely didn't want it to ruin my cruise!

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But when I arrived, it was still very early and the stores weren't even dreaming of opening, so I ended up spending time in Walmart and saw that they had the Ipad3, I didn't even know it was on sale... I held my hand, I really thought about buying it, but... reason was stronger and I'd leave it for later.
I arrived at the mall, the stores were still opening, I went straight to my focus, I talked to the guy who attended to me the day before, I asked about the Nikon D5100, which the day before cost 500 dollars and as if by magic the story changed, the promotion of the day before was no longer the promotion of that day and now it with lens was 700 and a few dollars, there I saw that things were not good, I asked for my money back and I didn't want the lens anymore, even without having used it the guy in the store wouldn't accept it.. he said he couldn't ... he left the store, and I wouldn't get the merchandise back unless I lost 70 dollars to return it and have NOTHING! That's good!
The guy wanted to give me a ride for sure, so I complained a lot to him until he said, I'M THE MANAGER, you can't, I'll send it, you'll get 70 dollars back and the lens will cost 270.00 dollars, ok?
Well, that's not so bad, I accepted and went on my way... with all the craziness, time went by and my stomach was complaining, I hadn't even had breakfast! In Miami, hotels don't give you coffee, it's not normal for them to include it in the rate, if you were going to have coffee... you'd have to pay for it somewhere else... so... as I was running out of time, I left without even putting water inside.
I ran to the food court, it was already close to lunchtime and instead of having coffee I had lunch... I had a very good Xing Ling yakisoba with crazy chicken, humm fed, I felt calmer...

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There was still a little time left, so I stopped by the Victoria's Secret I bought some creams, a sweater and got an umbrella =D hihihi Right at a kiosk I ended up taking some Israeli stuff for nails, VERY CRAZY, it was an oil that removed cuticles and a file that left the nails shiny and groomed... I ended up taking it too hauahuah... everything had gone relatively well, but it was already midday and Igor insisted that he still wanted to go back to walmart! Run run run, because I'm pressed for time!
Igor went back to buy the Ipad3, he couldn't bear it, it was so cheap, but in the confusion of going back to the market to buy it and so on, we ended up being VERY late! We had to drop the car off at the rental company at around 2pm to get to the cruise calmly... and it was already 1pm....
We flew out... and tcharãm... Hell of a traffic jam on the way to Miami Beach, the place we had to get to in order to drop off the car and then go to the port to catch the cruise...
It was 2 p.m. and we were still on the viaduct, sweating and nervous, because we hadn't paid for the insurance that would give us the price of the cruise back if we lost hahahade. A feeling of regret eating away at our souls, and fear too! It was 2:30 p.m. and we were still in absurd traffic, check-in closed at 3 p.m.! I was cursing him every name because he was late for the Ipad3! Ahhh if I miss the cruise because of a crappy Ipad.... at 14:40 we managed to fill up the car and at 14:50 we arrived at the rental company that took us to the port and we managed to arrive at VERY short notice!
At this point Igor's stomach was all but gone from nervousness hauhauhauahuahauha And I was holding back so as not to say everything I was thinking and end up getting in the way and delaying things any further.
Anyway! We managed to arrive and get in, I was too nervous, the "anger" is clear in the video below hauahuah and my "happy" face too... I held back, to complain everything when I was in my room calm and quiet 😉

And the narrator of the video was very nice when he said that the traffic was to blame, right?! Because all the nervousness was the fault of a BEAUTIFUL Ipad3 and the crazy consumerism of the owner... HUNF... Ahhhhhh, I felt like choking ummm!!! Instead of enjoying the cruise pool, I was stuck in traffic and nervous!
Well, now that everything has worked out, we've arrived at the cruise ship. Let's meet him!



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