Beautiful travel maps

How cool are these beautiful illustrated travel maps of major cities?

Look what interesting maps we've found on the internet! It's really nice to look at these beautiful maps and try to remember from your own point of view what the place looks like and find it on the map. If you're really curious, you can go to the original website and see all the maps and many other illustrations available there! Just go there and enjoy: .
A little piece of Venice:

Beautiful travel maps -Venice

Vienna, Austria:

Beautiful travel maps -Vienna

St. Petersburg, Russia:

Beautiful travel maps -Vienna
Vienna - St. Petersburg

Map of the cafés of Paris (a slice of the city)

Beautiful travel maps - paris
illustrated map of cafés in paris

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Supermarket in Amsterdam -

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

The Blessed - Salvador Carnival.

Carnival in Salvador.

Christmas in Portugal

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