The beginning of the Blog.

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The Beginning

Since this is my blog, it's only fair that I write about travel, photos and swimming!
They are three undeniable passions, so why not start with them?
Over this time, I've already mapped out a few routes, I've taken my backpack, I've gone out with my tent, I've traveled to compete, I've gone just to rest, or simply to please family.
I left thinking it was going to be crap and it was great, I thought it was going to be wonderful and it was awful, I met people, I fought, I kicked, I loved, I laughed, I cried, I saw beautiful landscapes and I've never found anywhere so bad that I wouldn't go back!
I'm in love with the new, the different, the existing cultures, the typical foods, the different clothes, the colors, the tastes, the faces, the beginnings and new beginnings...

From Brazil to the World

My initial idea was to get to know all of Brazil first and then move on to the rest of the world!
But I discovered that Brazil is very big and expensive! So I ended up breaking those ideas and going to Argentina and Uruguay... =p
I saw that the beginning of my saga wouldn't just be in Brazil, but around the world!
Little by little I'll be writing about each trip I've taken, describing places, people, sensations, smells and so on.
Some tips will be forthcoming, others too!
It's a pity that some trips are many years old and the memory will fail for sure!
Not all of them have decent photos to illustrate the post and even fewer were interesting enough to be mentioned here lol...
There are stories that are happy, joyful, about love, falling out of love, sad and even funny, but all of them are certainly kept in my heart with great affection and love.
The list of places is still short.
Many places will be explored and commented on soon =p

Ahhh and don't forget to follow all our news this way! 
I hope you enjoy it and come back often, kisses!

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Supermarket in Amsterdam -

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

The Blessed - Salvador Carnival.

Carnival in Salvador.

Christmas in Portugal

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