Healthy and practical snack, perfect for traveling.

Best berry.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life and travel, we end up forgetting the main thing, our health, so today I'm going to give you a practical tip that really helps you make that tasty low-calorie snack, as well as keeping your diet on track!
A few weeks ago I received a box to try some of Bestberry's delicacies. As much of a foodie as I am, you must know that I end up being highly critical of the level of deliciousness of the delicacies I try.
best berry (1)
And after tasting all the bags, I can say that I loved them! Obviously some tasted better than others, but they really succeeded in making something healthy and good at the same time, not to mention the practicality of taking the bags in the right amount and being able to eat them anytime, anywhere.
Are you getting on the plane? Are you on the plane and have been offered that shameless snack? No problem, besteberry will save you! Hungry in traffic? Bestberry saves you too, lol Gym, in the middle of class or at any time is too good! It's all very practical since the packets come in such a way that you don't have to eat them all at once, with the zip lock system you can finish them later, but I assure you, that's impossible!
Well, especially since I became a mother, I'm giving much more value to the practical and healthy, after all, in addition to the lack of time, I still have the excess weight that remained after pregnancy, hehehhe
Like the idea? It's very easy to order, just go to the site and choose the options
Then you just have to choose from the wide range of flavors, and a nutritionist will choose the best combination for you

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The box arrives at your home every month, beautiful and delicious.
Ahh, I also have a little present from the blog for you, my followers. When you make your purchase, just enter the promo code CRISPELOMUNDO to get 10 reais off your first box.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Towards a healthy life and more pleasant flights with these delights 😉

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