When is the best time to go to New York?

Winter or summer?

New York is an incredible city full of eye-popping surprises, great in any season, but the differences are visible and this can completely change one trip from another, even if you try to do exactly the same things it will be impossible.

In summer the flowers are brighter, greenery is part of the landscape, there are a thousand leisure options, people wear lighter clothes and are much more active! But as with everything in life, there is also a downside: temperatures reach 40 degrees and it's a bit unpleasant, so the water bottle becomes an indispensable accessory in your daily life!
If you don't like sweating or the heat, this isn't a good time to go, but strolling through Central Park and experiencing the local activities, having a picnic or even just spreading out a towel and soaking up the sun are very cool, worthwhile and summery things to do.

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In winter, things change completely, the light clothes go and the hats, coats, overcoats, gloves and scarves arrive! The water bottle is left behind, giving way to strategic stops at cafés with hot chocolates to thaw your nose.
Yes, it's freezing even without snow!

Ah, the snow! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, white and every tourist's dream.

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Who doesn't dream of throwing themselves into the snow and taking lots of photos with the flakes falling on their face? It's certainly something magical, but it can also ruin your trip, impairing your mobility and making certain places too cold to visit.

This is a very important point to remember when planning your trip, because if you're too cold, this isn't a good time to go to New York, is it?

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But it's worth making a little effort to enjoy the ice-skating rinks, which are the best, and the Christmas decorations, which are a show in themselves! Beautiful, New York at Christmas is unbelievable, with a magical energy! It even makes you forget about the cold.

But New York is either 8 or 80? It's either flowery, green and warm or white and freezing?

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No, there's still fall and spring, which are more pleasant seasons. Of course, the closer you get to summer, the hotter it gets, and the closer you get to winter, the colder it gets, but even so, the temperatures are much milder.
Light jackets and sweaters are enough in these seasons and that's why they end up becoming many people's favorite seasons!

I really enjoyed the winter, I loved the decorations, the skating rinks and even the branches without flowers! The only painful part was when I went shopping and froze in the cold winds while waiting for the bus, but apart from the cold everything was perfect!

I also liked the other seasons, they have their charms!

If you're more eclectic, it's worth trying to go to all four seasons and get to know four different New Yorks, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
What time did you choose? Do you have any experiences to share with us?
Tell us about it!

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