Búzios - 1st GVBB Meeting part 2

The tour of Búzios continues!

It was time for the tour to continue and it was the guys' turn Tour ShopTrolley ride.
A truck turned gardener did the honors of introducing the city by land! Shi but the weather has started to turn and now what?

The nicest lady in the world was our guide, always with a smile on her face, showing and explaining everything, first stop Mirante de João Fernandes, which is on top of a water tank, what an incredible view, of the town and the beach, I had never been there and even with the clouds getting heavier and heavier the scenery was still stunning, the tour went on and the rain came, but who's afraid of getting wet? The trolley is protected from the drops that tried to get in our way.
The second stop was the Praia Brava viewpoint and everyone wanted to go down, thank goodness! The view was very rewarding, even though it was blurred by the rain, the city was still magical!

We continued walking and passed 12 beaches, the lady explained each one to us and their stories, she showed us the turtle rock and the tour came to an end, I thought it was very nice! Now imagine without the rain, how the water and the beaches must look in the sun? Another place to return to.
From there we went to the Silk Beach ClubThink of an extremely tasteful place, with good music, a dance floor and DJs, a swimming pool, a good restaurant and a place to relax, AHHH and facing Praia Brava.
It's a great place, with great infrastructure and well decorated. We stayed there for a while, drank some caipirinhas, chatted and took more photos for a change.

I didn't want to leave! But the night was approaching and we were still going to end the evening at Privilege for Dancing.
We went back to the hotel and had an hour to change and go to Rua das Pedras for dinner, but anyone who thinks of Búzios always remembers it. Chez Michou! And that's where we're going.
A more than traditional place in the city's trendy nightlife, with wonderful crepes, this evening I decided to innovate and order a drink to go with them and I discovered that they are also very good at them!
The caipifruta accompanied the delicious shrimp crepe - good, good! I've been going to Búzios for many years and the Chez Michou is always a must-see, it's worth a visit.
Everyone finished eating and we decided to take a stroll along Rua das Pedras, before going into the Privilege nightclub, since the night there only gets busy after midnight and we had time until then.
We wandered around for a while and our anxiety grew, so we decided to run to Privilegebefore midnight! It was still 11:00 and we had a box reserved for us, so we sat in the comfy armchairs and chatted until the place filled up.

I ended up leaving a little earlier than everyone else due to unforeseen circumstances, but everyone who stayed really praised the show! I wish I'd stayed, the place is really cool, well frequented, with lots of beautiful and lively people.
The night was a child for all the members who danced, enjoyed themselves and left at dawn.
The smiles on everyone's faces illustrated the wonderful day that had passed and the fond memories that everyone had treasured, but it was almost time to leave and that feeling of wanting more took hold of everyone.

We decided to enjoy the last few hours at the hotel, took a dip on the beach, relaxed on the sun lounger and thought about how enjoyable and fruitful the weekend had been!
I couldn't wait to go back and have more meetings, because I hadn't even left yet.
We went to the pools to say goodbye, YES pools, the hotel has two and one of them has a sauna inside, very nice!
But as all good things are short-lived, it was time to leave, so we said goodbye to the hotel and all headed for lunch in the gastronomic center of Manguinhos, with its many restaurants and beautiful scenery.
It was a great place to end a perfect trip.
We returned to Rio de Janeiro thinking about going back or where to travel, where will it be?

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Marina Hotel Chain
Buzios Convention & Visitors Bureau
Porto Veleiro
Club La Plage
Tour Shop
Silk Beach Club
Chez Michou

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