Búzios - 1st GVBB Meeting.

 Recognizing Búzios

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1st Meeting of the Group of Travelers and Bloggers of Brazil (GVBB)
After a hellish traffic jam to get out of Rio de Janeiro, we arrived at the Vila Rasa Marina Hotel of the Marina Hotel Chain on Friday night and we could already see how beautiful the hotel is. We were very well received, but by the time we arrived, all the GVBB members had already gone to bed, as the next day was packed with cool activities from early on!

When we got to the room we had our first surprise! WOW! What a beautiful and fragrant place, not to mention the pampering bath kit which was all French, beautiful, beautiful! And the bed was huge and very cozy, it felt like lying on a cloud, very nice! I enjoyed a relaxing bath in the whirlpool, making the quality of my sleep so good that I woke up before the alarm clock, yupiiii!Búzios.

At breakfast, I could see how beautiful the hotel really was. The sunlight highlighted the water under the sun loungers, which beckoned you to take a dip as they faced the sea at Praia Rasa. It was almost time for the first walk and the tchbum would be later. I finished eating with the people who were gradually introducing themselves, many of whom I only knew virtually and the blogs with their texts and photos were getting faces. An affinity that started right away and was strengthened at this meeting!

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The Porto Veleiro arrived and I was looking forward to our first outing! We soon arrived at the pier and the sun, which had been shy before, came out to make everything more perfect. The sea was playing at being beautiful, mixing shades of green and blue and at many moments we could see the bottom, showing the transparency of the water.
The schooner that took us on our trip showed us more and more beautiful beaches and the name couldn't have been more evocative: Aloha! And what a wonderful place to stroll around. First we stopped at João Fernandes and João Fernandinho, went down for our first swim and then continued on to Ilha Feia (Ugly Island). I decided to swim to the island and saw the exuberant beauty of the almost untouched nature of the place and the transparent sea. Then came the last stop at Praia da Tartaruga, where it was impossible not to dive in, everyone was enjoying the sea! But if you didn't want to, there was the second floor, which is great for sunbathing and getting sunburned.

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Ah! It's over, dammit! It's so nice to see Búzios from different angles, it's really cool from the sea, I've been there so many times, but there's always something new to explore. A place rich in nature, things and places, there's something for everyone.

We disembarked from the Schooner Aloha and really enjoyed the service provided by the guys from the Porto VeleiroWe wanted to go back, but now it was time to go somewhere else, right next to the pier! A beautiful and modest little church, from its backyard we had the best view of the length of Ossos beach, the Igreja do Sant'ana is a good place to visit. We stayed there for a while, listened to lots of local stories and took more group photos. It's so nice when people with the same passion get together.

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We left there light and eager to have lunch, the Club La Plage was chosen and our reservation was already made with everything ready to welcome us. Clube La Plage faces João Fernandes beach, giving the place a privileged and relaxing view while you enjoy a varied buffet. I really liked the structure, which is its strong point.
At lunch everyone from the GVBB talked a lot and we were able to get to know the people from the Buzios Convention & Visitors BureauWe were very happy with this partnership! As we were leaving, the staff of Peru Molhado, the region's most famous newspaper, stopped by and then Globo also came to interview us! Once again Cris pelo Mundo on Plim Plim, do you want to see the interview? Click here.
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It continues... with many surprises including a city tour by land, a beach club and a night out in the hottest city in the Lake District, don't miss out.


Want to see more photos? Click here.


Marina Hotel Chain
Buzios Convention & Visitors Bureau
Porto Veleiro
Club La Plage
Tour Shop
Silk Beach Club
Chez Michou

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