Callebaut Chocolate Week

Callebaut Chocolate Week2

A delightful tour!

Rio de Janeiro is about to get even tastier! This cold weather has come along with great news - Callebaut Chocolate Week!
It's the second edition of the event, but the first in Rio!

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I love chocolate and it's very difficult to meet anyone who doesn't, especially when it's quality.
Okay, but tell us what Callebaut Chocolate Week is! And when will it be?

Okay, I'll explain what this Callebaut Chocolate Week is all about.

There will be 10 establishments with EXCLUSIVE recipes, mixing the flavor of Brazil with Callebaut Belgian chocolate.
But get ready, because the event will only take place from July 21 to 30 and you certainly don't want to miss out on these recipes.
Maybe if we like a recipe VERY much, the house will continue with its menu.
And from what I've seen, what's to come is promising.
During this week, we're going on a chocolate tour? I'm all for it and I've already set my favorites to start the race! Ahhhh and the best part, the prices are great.

The houses, recipes and prices



Beth Chocolates (Casa Carandaí)
Recipe: Bitter choco tablet with caramel crisps - R$ 20 (100 gr)


Fabiana D'Angelo Brigadeiros
Recipe: Dulce de leche brigadeiro with fleur de sel or Black with dark Belgian chocolate chips
R$ 5.50 each.


Recipe: Tropical Chocobelga
Slice - R$ 13,00


CT Pâtisserie
Recipe: Cuttlefish fondant with passion fruit syrup - R$ 20


Bendito Chocolates
Recipe: Vanilla Cookie with milk chocolate chips 33.6% and dark chocolate chips 54.5% Callebaut filled with Nutella syrup. Served warm with a scoop of ice cream - R$ 19,50


Deli 43
Recipe: Creamy chocolate cake with Brazil nuts, white chocolate soup with açaí and blackberry coulis - R$ 19


Garden Emporium
Recipe: Milk chocolate and pineapple tartelette baked with spices - R$ 20


Make a Cake
Recipe: Mini Brownie Naked with caramel filling with caramel crispearls and passion fruit jam - R$ 20


Thousand Fruits
Recipe: dark chocolate with pieces of Brazil nut mixed with cupuaçu ice cream - R$ 14 - the ball


Momo Gelato
Recipe: 2 BELGAS CAIPIRAS - choc Brazil gelato with Callebaut cocoa, mixed with homemade pé de moleque | Cup: Small. R$ 15, Méd. R$ 18 or Casquinha artesanal - R$ 15

Is it or isn't it one delight after another?
But don't you know Callebaut? Relax, I'm sure you've already eaten it and don't even know it.
Normally those wonderful sweets you eat out there are made with Callebaut. This is a well-known brand among chefs, who turn these delicacies into real clouds that dissolve in your mouth.
I tried and abused the brigadeiros made with Callebaut chocolates.

What's more, I've heard that there's a small packet that we can buy and use in homemade recipes.
Igor liked it so much that he wanted to eat it while watching a movie, lol, while I really wanted to put the chocolate drops on my brownies.

Callebaut Chocolate Week. crisstilben crispelomundo (5)


Hihihi, I cook too, you know? I may not be a chef, but I'm wrong.


Brownie Cris Stilben
Another great idea is to melt the drops in the popcorn! Nhaaammmm, amaaamoos.

Free courses

Ahhhh another great thing about Callebaut Chocolate Week! There will be several free courses during the event, just sign up at 

Callebaut has won another fan, especially for its quality and responsibility.
As well as producing these delights, Callebaut has a social fund. I learned from them that 70% of the world's cocoa is produced in Africa.
And they do their best to help out there.
Whether it's farmer training, tools, materials or access to finance!
In addition to encouraging women's empowerment, which is VERY important for the region.
I don't need to say any more, do I? I loved it! And I can't wait to taste more Callebaut Chocolate Week delicacies!

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