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Happy Hour in Rio de Janeiro

On April 1, I was invited to attend the launch cocktail party for the Boteco Chic Festival, an event that will take place every Wednesday. This time the stage for the party was the Royal Tulip Rio de Janeiro, located on the São Conrado waterfront, but each week it will take place in a different hotel in the BHG chain, I really enjoyed it and that's no

I was delighted with this high standard hotel, which I hadn't been to before. I was greeted by the messenger who promptly showed me to the lounge, which faces the sea, with a special touch of wonderful lighting that makes the atmosphere very pleasant.

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As well as always taking place in a wonderful location in Rio de Janeiro, the event combines gastronomy with music, art and fashion in the same place, and always has a special guest, such as the photographer Beto Gatti, who exhibited some of his works at the launch, which adorned the walls with a very interesting look at our Marvelous City.


The event will take place every Wednesday from 6pm, with lots of good music from Radio Ibiza. During the event, a set menu will be served, which I really enjoyed. A mix of boteco food with something more gourmet, such as white bean soup with cabbage crisp and torresminho, prawns with plantains and coconut and chestnut farofa, handmade sausage on the griddle with garlic aioli confit and bread basket, mix of pastries among others with great presentation and a taste of wanting more, but in each edition two more dishes will be introduced to diversify the delights more and more!


Is your mouth watering? What's more, the drinks put on a show in terms of taste. You can try the cashew caipirinha with a lemon duo or the tangerine caipirinha with ginger and basil, different mixtures, but which are sure to win over your taste buds, or enjoy the cachaça, which already shows its inspiration in the name, by the way, have you had rain today? I thought the name was great. Chuva is a flavored cachaça in a variety of flavors, and is a great option even to give as a gift to friends.

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But let's not forget that if you drink you can't drive, right? The event has even thought of this in a partnership with Easy Táxi, which will give discount vouchers to customers of the event.

A conscious event is something else, isn't it?

Do you like it? Don't miss out on a nice Happy Hour in Rio de Janeiro. The next one will take place today, April 8, at the Marina Palace, located in Leblon, with the presentation of the works of photographers Beto Gatti and Bruno Brin, in the exhibition "Mulheres que Sonhamos" ("Women We Dream Of"), for sure the event will be a show again, along with its exquisite snacks, tasty drinks, quality cachaça and good music to rock the night, it's very chic!

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See more details of what will be happening at each participating hotel:

Royal Tulip Rio de Janeiro - a five-star hotel located on the São Conrado waterfront, is a classic that has long been a part of the lives of locals. At the renowned Aquarela restaurant, the menu created especially for Boteco Chic will offer tapioca dadinho with curd cheese and parmesan in a sweet and sour chili sauce and boyfriend and salmon ceviche.

Marina Palace - In Rio's most bohemian neighborhood, you can enjoy the festival at Bar da Praia, one of the trendiest bars on the Rio waterfront, designed and decorated by André Piva and renowned not only for its cuisine, but also for the incredible views it offers. On the menu, sacadura stuffed with sausage ragu and roast beef with poached egg.

Golden Tulip Regente - In the best spot in Copacabana, the Golden Tulip Regente offers its guests the most beautiful view of Rio by the sea. At the Forno & Fogão restaurant, with an incredible view of the world's most famous promenade, the festival will leave its mark with reinterpretations of confit lamb croquettes with ginger and mustard reduction and seafood vinaigrette with Sicilian lemon, leeks and baroa perussine.

Tulip Inn Copacabana - Facing Copacabana beach, the hotel with the look of the river and the bossa carioca will host the Boteco Chic Festival at the Branche restaurant. Its charming terrace facing the promenade is an invitation to enjoy the menu with escondidinho de batata baroa with seafood or a mix of pastries with Brazilian fillings.

Golden Tulip Continental - In the heart of Leme, the Golden Tulip Continental is a favorite with locals. At the Poty restaurant, the flagship of the festival will be the confit lamb croquette with ginger and mustard reduction, as well as a mortadella sandwich with parmesan cream and pistachio chimichurri.

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