Crossing to the Tijucas Islands.

Lots of fun with 360 Sports

Last weekend we were invited to the 360 challenge! A crossing of 2 km that connects the Breakwater, in Barra da Tijuca, at Tijucas Islands. The route can be done by rented or owned Stand Up Paddle, BigSUP, transparent bottom kayak, Jet or even Water BIKEEE. The Tijucas Islands are a place I've been wanting to visit for years, and I immediately woke up very early and went out super excited, after all, everyone knows how much I love the sea.
The meeting point was set at Praia dos Amores at 9 hours of the morning, finding the 360 team is very easy, the path is all signposted and wherever you look there is always the 360 logo all the guides wear shirts so you can tell who they are, the first thing I liked!

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As soon as we arrived, we signed a form, with information and terms of responsibility, as well as collecting some data that will be used to send the photos taken by their official photographer, yes, there are photos included in the package!
Then Vinícius made a briefing and passed all the information security and tips for people who aren't very familiar with the sport, especially valuable tips for getting out of Quebra Mar, which has some annoying waves.

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All excited and off we went! There we went Me, Igor and Lili from Passionate about travel. On the way there they went on a SUP and I went on a red bike with the traditional seat, it looks like a spinning bike, you know!

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Without a doubt bike go A LOT more fast than the SUP, but as I'm a little girl I was stretched out too much and could hardly reach the handlebars even with the adjustment, I found it a bit uncomfortable for that reason, but then, when I got to the island, I tried the yellow bike which reclines and offers a great comfortIf you're small like me, go for this one!

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On the islands it's all fun and games! I could see the beauty of the place and the water color of emerald well crystallineIt's a pity that a lot of clouds arrived soon afterwards and it didn't look that good, but I confess I wasn't a bit upset, after all with the sun I'd be a shrimp! Even so, I've already seen that I'll have to go back with clear skies.

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O support boat There are several 360 rides and you can play with the snorkel, rest on the SUP boards, climb the rocks and explore the island or even jump off them, it's one of the crowd's favorite activities!!! I was so enchanted by the place that I even forgot to play with the mermaid fins, another reason to go back lol. The place is really incredible, we spent around an hour just enjoying it! The 360 staff also offer water and fruit to replenish our energyI drank almost a whole bottleEven though the weather wasn't great, it was very hot, and it's a good thing they give you all the support you need.
The time flew by and they were already calling us to come back. This time Lili and I did it the other way around, I went on a SUP and she came back on a bike, and because she was taller than me, she liked it and found it more comfortable. I confess that I was a little afraid to go back on the SUP, I'm not a sportsman, after all, would I be able to paddle 2 km?!!!

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I went calmly and happily, and I found it easier than I had imagined. I sat there just enjoying the place, possibly the tide was also in my favor and that made everything easier, I liked it so much so that I preferred SUP to the bike, and the bike goes much faster!

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But if you're still worried that you won't make it, relax! There is the possibility of trailer which is also very fun! Right at the end I asked to tell you about the experience and I can assure you that it is calm and cool, so go for it without fear!
The activity is so good that I ended up getting hooked on the business and I already want to go back. 360Spors has a huge range of activities!
Flyboarding, wakeboarding, speedboat rides, beach tours, hiking trails, parasailing, hang gliding, skydiving, walter ball, paragliding, panoramic flights, jet ski rides, and everything else I've mentioned above, so if you want to come back and try something else, you'll have activities all year round hehehehe.
Ahh don't forget that he saw the activities on the Cris around the world.

Are you curious about the cost of the crossing?

Own SUP R$ 90,00
BIGSUP or CAYAK R$ 120.00 per person
Boat R$ 150,00
SUP or JET R$ 200,00
Bike R$ 250,00

*Figures based on February 2016.

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