Demonstration in Chile.

I parachuted into the demonstration! Perrenguinho, but no!

Very clever and in search of the best opportunity, I decided to buy a mega promotion on a group buying site, the package entitled me to Argentina and Chile in the middle of the high season! A lot of money, but anyway... You know that thing about wanting to believe, come on...
Everything was sorted, I was going to travel for the first time with my package bought and no headaches to deal with, everything ready and organized, ahhh that's good! I bought it to go with friends, but until the day of the long-awaited trip I started dating, he ended up staying and I went, the first reason that discouraged me a bit, but travel addict that I am, I went anyway. Everything really got worse when I arrived in Argentina and discovered that my hotel had been CANCELLED! How so? I desperately called my boyfriend and asked for help, since we spoke on the internet and to call the tour company I would have to spend a lot of money calling Brazil. It took three very stressful days and several calls, until at the last minute of checkout the company got in touch with me and solved THAT problem, because there are still more to come. With the guarantee that there would be no more problems during my trip, I went on to my next destination, Santiago de Chile! Well... Let's get to it, everything was a bit strange on the flight, we had a stopover in Uruguay and we were stuck on the plane for around 2 hours without any satisfaction as to what was happening, until we were told to disembark, and what I already suspected was confirmed, the aircraft had a breakdown and was unable to continue, but the problem would be solved with the arrival of a new plane that would make the flight, but in less than 15 minutes we were told to get back on the SAME aircraft!
-Hey, what? Wasn't that an irreparable problem? I asked the girl who was boarding us.
-That's right, but there was no aircraft available to take them.
-Ok, but did you fix it then?
_I don't know, ma'am, but "probably" yes!
-I don't want to get on board!
-So you'll have to sleep at the airport, the next one isn't until tomorrow at 2pm!
-My salts, God willing.
I, who am already a little scared of airplanes, boarded with my heart in my hands, everything went well and I arrived safely. With my feet on the ground and my heart again, the transfer was canceled!!!! I found out that the company responsible for the package was in a bad way and decided to pay everyone. So off we went in a taxi to the hotel, already crazy about the exchange rate and most likely taking it back from the taxi driver and praying that the hotel was ok.
I got to the hotel and guess what? Reservation canceled and room rates for only 700 DOLLARS, in case the company didn't pay I would have to bear the costs... ok! I just wanted to sleep and the next day I, I mean my new boyfriend, would sort it out for me. I couldn't wait for him to kick my
The next day, I found out that I was in the wrong hotel and that they had changed the hotel, they just forgot to notify me. I heard the same story as in Buenos Aires, with promises that everything would be sorted out.
Well, I decided that I would enjoy the trip, after all, what can't be solved, at least for now, has been solved. I wandered around the city, and noticed guards and armed people on the street doing security, I thought to myself, what a safe city! Then, out of the blue, I started sneezing, what a city of smokers, full of smoke, my rhinitis attackedooooooooooooooooooooooo, run!!!
trouble in chile, parachuting into the demonstration in chile crisstilben crispelomundo (13)
A crowd, with tanks behind, I was almost trampled and received several jets of water that they used to disperse the crowd! Coff coff, argt, brrrrr I can't breathe, my throat is closing, my eyes! Worse than the pepper spray, and that's because it only hit me, now I understand why there were so many people eating lemons. Before long I was back to normal, but my friends were all gone, the hotel entrance was blocked, a guy just had a seizure next to me, people started running the other way and I managed to get to a quieter place, gradually I found my friends and everything calmed down, wow!
trouble in chile, parachuting into the demonstration in chile crisstilben crispelomundo (18)
I managed to get into the hotel and from my bedroom window I could see a lot of fire, people running and jets of water everywhere!
trouble in chile, parachuting into the demonstration in chile crisstilben crispelomundo (12)
What would I do now? I couldn't stay there. The next day, we decided to leave very early and head for Valle Nevado, as it was sure to be quieter there. We got up at dawn and the city seemed different, we managed to enjoy the day well.
trouble in chile, parachuting into the demonstration in chile crisstilben crispelomundo (19)
But on the way back, the subway closest to the hotel was blocked, a sign of more demonstrations. We got around and managed to get through intact, but no more trouble!
The company didn't honor its commitment and I still had to pay the hotel's daily rate. Of course, I went to court as soon as I arrived in Rio and a few months later I recovered my loss and today I can tell you about the ordeal and laugh about it.
trouble in chile, parachuting into the demonstration in chile crisstilben crispelomundo (15)
*trip made in 2011

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