End of the Bahamas and Miami trip!

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And the last day of the cruise arrived, and the squeeze came with it... I woke up not very excited, but I had to get up
I changed my clothes and went down to breakfast to enjoy the delicious food! I ate a lot to say goodbye to it all, lots of pancakes and waffles with butter and honey nhammm!
Last stop in the room, pick up the suitcases and go... but who said it would be easy to leave?
As far as getting off the cruise ship, everything was fine, but it was still too early and we asked him to take us to the mall to do our last shopping and then to the airport.
Everything was fine, until I got to the bridge that leads from Miami Beach to the mall ...
What's more, the taxi driver didn't speak English, and Igor was very upset about this, since everything he said, even in his portunhol, the guy didn't understand, so I had to keep translating.
I confess that at the time I thought it was a scam, a robbery, etc. I wrote down names, licenses and everything I needed to know about the license plate and the make of the car, because I might have to go to the police from there huahAUHuaha
It was then that the car stopped for good and I asked him what had happened, he said that whatever had happened had heated up and the car didn't want to move any more, but he had already called a friend to come and help us, so the three of us were stuck in the middle of an overpass, with several suitcases and the car billowing with smoke.
Until another taxi driver stopped and came to help us, but halfway there we realized, this one doesn't take cards and now what? We only had 20 dollars... another 5 to complete the payment...
Poor people's happiness is short-lived, right? The guy, a bit pissed off, left us at the mall anyway, since the ATM we had stopped at and the only one nearby was broken!!!
Well, finally shopping, lunch, which with all the confusion was already 2pm and we had eaten at 7am... and one more photo =D
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On the way, we found a cheese bread place, ate at a crazy Japanese place... and moved on to the next mess.
It was time to go to the airport, but then what? There was no ATM and the money ran out...
Let's find a taxi that accepts cards... what a delight, another hour waiting hauhauahuha EVERYONE who passed by didn't accept them, until an angel came, with an old machine, one of those manual ones and paper, and took us away, he bent my entire card going through that thing, I arrived at the airport running to the 0800 of the card to block it thinking that it could have been cloned, but in the end everything worked out, er. at least in terms of getting to the airport...
What about boarding? ALL THE FLIGHTS ARE FULL! There's a good chance you'll be stuck on the ground and have to find another hotel, another taxi, and take money... oh, oh, oh...
But let's wait, maybe someone will give up! I wonder!
From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. we were stuck at the airport waiting for the chance to travel, or not...
Then, 20 minutes before the flight was due to leave, the girl called us and told us that there were two seats left on the flight and we were going, as we were the first ones in the queue!
But the girl was sweet.
But she doesn't remember that it was she who took so long to call us... hunf...
However, with money tight and all the week's flights full, I was happy to get on board and ran like crazy through the airport...
Until we arrived at the final destination and everything worked out, we sat down in our seats, got seats together and were happy and content, drooling for the rest of the trip...
I'll tell you what a stressful ending hauhauhaa massssss, as they say everything turns out well in the end =p
The end!
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