Escape 60 Rio de Janeiro

Fun for all ages!

At a time when virtual games are gaining more and more space in our lives, finding a real game in which there is real interaction like in the days of board games is quite exciting. How about going straight to the action scene and immersing yourself in the game as if by magic you could be part of the plot?! Super cool, right? It turns out that nowadays convincing people to leave the virtual world and get to know the real one is an increasingly difficult task, even more so when it comes to dragging along little ones or dear teenagers, lol I'm already suffering in advance! But your problems are over! That's what Escape 60 is all about, lol

escape 60 crispelomundo crisstilben cris stilben cris pelo mundo escape60

Last Sunday we were invited by ESCAPE60 to take part in the game, which was nothing new to me, as I had taken part in an activity in one of their rooms when I was invited by Lili from Apaixonados por Viagens. I'd enjoyed it enough the first time and couldn't wait another second to unravel another mystery!

Here in Rio you can find Escape60 in three places:


  • Dowtown with 3 rooms, R.I.P. Restart in Peace, Dr. Mortare's Laboratory and Operation Rescue
  • Olympic Park with two halls Death Row and Crown Jewel
  • Copacabana with Death Row, Operation Rescue and Save Our Souls (S.O.S.)

As soon as we arrived we were instructed on everything we should know, it's important not to look for answers on the internet, that's the fun!
The game always takes place inside a locked room, but relax, there's an emergency button in case someone gets sick and needs to get out. Once inside, your imagination and skills must run wild! Lots of math, text interpretation and tico and teco working, the silliest things count and must be observed!
Of the two rooms I went to, in one I literally had the exit in my hand and missed very little, and in the other I completed it with flying colors!


escape 60 crispelomundo crisstilben cris stilben cris pelo mundo escape60 2

At the Copacabana unit I've already taken part in Death Row and Operation Rescue, with just one room left to close, I'll certainly be returning as soon as possible, and here's a tip, I'm going to let you know now, lol YOU'RE GOING TO GET ADDICTED!

escape 60 crispelomundo crisstilben cris stilben cris pelo mundo escape60 4

Especially after almost completing it for so little, a matter of honor! Of course, I also want to get to know the other units, I can't wait to finish this game! A great pastime with friends and kids, children have a different point of view that sometimes ends up helping a lot with the smallest details.

You're already excited, aren't you? Run along, I want to unravel another mystery too.


Monday to Friday until 16:20 (inclusive) - R$ 69.00 per person.
Friday after 16:20 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - R$ 79.00 per person.
Minimum 4 maximum 8 per room.
Book your day here!

Copacabana - Av. Atlântica, 4240 - store 323
Tel: 2147-2757
Open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Downtown - Av. das Américas 500, Bloco 18 Sala 101
Tel: 3597- 2010
Open Monday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 00:00 a.m.

Olympic Park - Rua José Augusto rodrigues, 150 Tel: 3577-0527
Open Mon to Sun from 10:00 to 22:00

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