Finally Bahamas! Nassauuu!!!

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I woke up to the sun rising! Extremely beautiful! I saw everything from my bedroom window, if I tried to run to the ship's deck, I wouldn't have had time.
I ran, showered, put on some clothes and flew off to breakfast, which this time was as quick as possible, a few pancakes, some yogurt and that was it, I had very little time to get to know a huge place! I didn't want to waste time eating.
This time the ship was docked and I got off on dry land, in front of several little shops and the parliament, which was decorated to commemorate the Queen of England.
I was already enchanted there, but what would we do? Would we stay on Atlantis Resort where several movies were shot? Or on the other side, which also had beautiful beaches, but not so much comfort and tranquility to leave things?
Well, there were vans that took you to the resort, if I'm not mistaken 4 dollars per person, and there were 2 private beaches and one that was public, not to mention the swimming pools, aquariums, toilets, snack bars and so on!
It was a short time on the island, so there was no way of getting to know the Resort and more of the place... we opted for Resort We also wanted to see what it was like to dive with dolphins and so on.
In 20 minutes we arrived at the venue, and it was magnificent! Very luxurious and imposing, really beautiful! We went inside and got a bit lost with so many receptions and places to go, we ended up inside the casino, which was about 6 times bigger than the cruise! From there we walked around and stumbled upon a place selling diamonds HuahAUhUAhuAHUAHuah in the Bahamas, diamonds are so cheap, but I didn't dare go into any of the stores, I didn't have time! We walked around more and every place we asked sold a package we didn't want, the 30-minute dolphin tour was 150 dollars, just to see them up close, to swim with them was around 250 dollars!!! I didn't want to do that, it was too expensive hauahuahuah =p
I asked about the simplest package, which included lunch, aquariums and the beaches. That was a reasonable 70 dollars, but the one that included swimming pools and water toys wasn't worth as much, as it went up to a hundred and a few dollars.
We took the cheapest one and went straight in, I didn't want to waste another second!
I went in already amazed, the resort was all decorated and beautiful!!! Huge walls of aquariums and things that looked like a real palace!
Very nice indeed, chairs, beautiful decorations everywhere, gold-plated ceilings, everything very well done! And themed!
When I went downstairs, I saw the first gigantic aquarium! With even bigger fish and all living together in harmony =)

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Everything was so beautiful, next to this gigantic aquarium there was a little entrance, which led to other aquariums, and much more themed lol, all imitating ancient peoples, now I don't know if they were Mayans, Incas, I don't know... but they had writings and everything =p I felt like I was in another place, and with the coolest animals ever! I love water! No wonder I chose swimming as my livelihood =p.
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There were lobsters, starfish, small and huge fish! Living waters, moray eels and everything you can imagine, and a beautiful way to show how enchanting marine life is! Colors, shapes, everything! I was already enchanted there, and I hadn't even seen the sea yet... what could be waiting for me? HUmm... Swimming pools and nothing like that had yet appeared... just the aquariums and the resort inside...
I walked along and fell in love with every step, until ... tcharãm! The Resort inside! With swimming pools, more aquariums, but this time outdoors and ahhh... how beautiful it was! Everything so well looked after!
I felt like I was in a movie hehehe
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The weather wasn't so good =/ but even so, my desire to enjoy every inch of the place didn't change at all! I wanted to see the beaches straight away, and the first one I went to was the one inside the resort!
It was like a natural swimming pool! It was so crystal clear, the water was neither hot nor cold, just right! The sand wasn't so white, but it wasn't so dark either, I liked everything so much!
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I was more anxious to get to know everything and then choose a place, than to dive in and relax ehehhe, I continued to walk around the resort and marveled at the things there, but I noticed that the water toys and the pools themselves weren't great enough to pay an extra 50 dollars for them, there were one or two toys that were worthwhile and... what's with the pool!?!? If there's a wonderful sea? And three beaches to choose from!!!? Best 50 dollars I haven't spent in my life 😉
I saw a toy that was like a water tube, falling into a pool full of sharks! But of course the person who fell into this pool was divided by a transparent tube and had no physical contact with the animals, only visual =p
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In fact, it was this toy and the rapids that caught my eye; I can't think of any others that I've wanted to go to.

I looked at one or two people going down and went out to see the rest. Along the way I saw lots of lakes with sharks or rays, and some aquariums all over the resort.
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I wanted to throw myself in there, I'm a bit crazy about animals ehehehe, but a glass would separate me from them =p
Well, I got to know practically all of the water park and went to the other two beaches that I didn't know!
First the public house, which had nothing left of the resort! I left the resort and there were several guys offering us tourist things and jet skis to ride, 50 dollars an hour, but I didn't even want to, I wanted to relax and see as much as possible!
I stayed on that beach for no more than 20 minutes and ran to another one next door. I entered the resort again and a path took us to the next beach, which was separated by a rocky channel... and it was easier to leave things on the sand for snorkeling!
There were even bungalows at the resort for those staying there! With a bed, TV, fridge and so on, in front of the beach, perfect!
Several of the resort's sun loungers on the beach and a very pleasant atmosphere! Decided! That's where we were staying!
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Very happy, wonderful place! The sun loungers were actually just to support things... because all the time I could I would be in the water... sunbathing, I do in Rio! I just wanted to enjoy the sea!
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