The flight was canceled!

Oops, another trip! Is it?

Well, I haven't managed to write all about the South yet...
But I'll be taking a break soonto write in almost real time about the Northeast!

I was supposed to be there! Actually arriving at the airport and being picked up in Ceará, but as everything in my life is complicated... I'm still at home!
I woke up in the dark, got ready and Dad took me to the airport, so far so good =p
I arrived at the airport and tchrammm!
- Look, miss, your flight has been canceled, the aircraft is undergoing maintenance and they haven't been able to find another one. I'm the only one in heaven ahuahauhauhaua
Then they asked.
- Would you rather fly TAM or get a voucher, transportation home and back again?
Of course I preferred the voucher, but the flight leaving at 6 a.m. wasn't leaving until 6 p.m.! I'd never flown AZUL before and my expectations were very high, especially given the treatment given to the canceled flight.
So I came home, slept... woke up... ate... got ready... I'm writing about the "beginning" of my trip, which has already "started" funny... and I'm going to take advantage of this and go to work... get some things done and from there go straight to the Airport
Instead of arriving in fortaleza at midday, I'll be arriving at midnight and forty... but it's all worth partying for and what's the point of being sad?
Let's go, it's not because a flight has been canceled that I'm going to be sad! Fortaleza, I'll be there soon!
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