Going to Florianópolis.

Florianópolis at last!

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Moving on...

I got on the bus to Florianópolis with my friend, I'd never been to the South before!
On the way, I took in the sights and the night fell and everything became a bit dark, but it was still interesting, so I watched everything!
Smells, people, paths, roads, houses, all very different and being recorded every second in my memory, we finally reached the pause, which was halfway along the road, every second we were closer to our destination!
For a change I had something to eat, and as hungry as ever I chose something very greasy and juicy, went to the bathroom and came back to continue the saga!!! A long way to go! Tiredness started to set in and my eyes became heavy, and as small as I am, I ended up curling up in the armchair and puffff... I slept a lot.
I only woke up when I was already in Floripa =p
We got off at the bus station there and went to the conventional bus terminal, which was very close, so we carried all our suitcases, tents and sleeping bags. We dumped them on the floor of the terminal and waited for the right bus to Campeche, where our campsite was.
The coolest thing was that we walked around the city as if we'd been there several times before =),
the bus arrived, we got settled and headed for the campsite, another trip because it was quite far, but at least there was a stop right in front of the campsite =D
It was past midnight and I was exhausted (I'd already made several trips in one day...). Plane from Rio/Porto Alegre... then bus from Porto Alegre/Floripa and then more ground to the campsite =p).
We arrived at the campsite, it was very well organized, we went inside and set up the tent in the dark.

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But nothing is easy, my tent had broken the frame and I had to improvise a MAGAIVER one, and find a way! In the end all went well and I managed to do some "surgery" with a piece of rope to fix it, and it ended up being perfect =)
As I love camping, setting up the tent in the dark was no problem at all.
Work done, I changed my clothes, stuffed my bags inside the tent and tchbum!
I slept a lot and didn't want to wake up hauhauha my body was begging for more sleep!
I had gone to Porto for the graduation ceremony the night before I left!
The graduation was on Thursday, I stayed out until 5 a.m. and only slept for an hour, because boarding was very early, so I went to sleep at 5 and woke up at 6! Or rather, I dozed off.
I went straight to Porto/Floripa/camping!!! I don't know where I got it from! But it was! I've always loved traveling, I think that helped a lot!!!
Well, after a lot of pestering, my friend managed to wake me up and I finally got to see the town! We woke up, went to the campsite reception, paid our fees and got our wristbands =) we asked about the nice places to visit and where we could get some money and have coffee, faminnntttaaa for a change.
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We walked around a bit and found the place for the money and the coffee, which, by the way, was next to each other =)
What a delicious Frozen Coffee!!! Really good!!! I ate too much and then we were off to see the city!
We went to the terminal to catch a bus that would drop us off at Armação beach, I bought some souvenirs there and we headed for Campeche Island!!!

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