Floripa Expedition here we come - Curitiba x Florianópolis by car.

floripa expedition

We put our Peugeot 408 on the road!

Unfortunately, it was time to leave Curitiba for the Floripa Expedition.

floripa expedition

So much was left behind, the beautiful Botanical Garden will have to be left for another occasion, the rush and the rain didn't allow us to visit it.
It's a good excuse to come back, I want to visit so many other parks!
Alemão Woods, the Tower, and various restaurants that were highly recommended to me in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood! There's so much, Curitiba managed to win me over even in the rain, imagine in the sun!

Moving on

But let's stop waxing nostalgic, it's time to start, or rather continue, a great trip and go straight to Expedição Floripa!
If you want to know how much it costs to travel to Floripa by car, click here.
We still have about four and a half hours of road ahead of us, let's go!

floripa expedition

We stopped by to pick up another blogger who lives in Curitiba and enjoyed the ride, Mari from Finestrino.
By the way if you want tips on Curitiba, the Finestrino arrebennnta, not to mention they sell beautiful things!
The best thing about this ride was that we kept talking
of travel the journey in one piece and the flight time, a delight.

Floripa Expedition

What is this Floripa Expedition?
Nothing less than a meeting of bloggers with photography and hiking classes, what could be better? Who taught the classes was photographer Zé PaivaThere were nine blogs in total, and he's going on a new expedition, click here!!!

floripa expedition

Each one from a different corner of this huge Brazil. came out from there, wait!
When we arrived in Floripa, everyone was already gathered around, chatting and talking.
nI learned a lot about photography.
We start with a super lesson on high-exposure photography
in landscapes with water, you know those bridal veil effects? Yes, I was crazy to learn.


The photos from there are already perfect,
and we were still at top classes! SI could only imagine what the next three days would bring!

Practical lessons are another story.

The lessons are practical and it's much better to learn this way, I really enjoyed it.
We spent some more time on the shore of the lagoon, practicing everything we had learned.

floripa expedition

We took the opportunity to get to know each other better too and to get away from the virtual.
We had a lot to talk about and the topic couldn't have been any different: travel! Each of us had a story that was more interesting than the last. If we wanted to, we could have stayed there all night, but hunger struck and we decided to change our scenario.

Batú Space

Mudged our meeting point to Espaço Batú.
An uncluttered place with
super informal public.

floripa expedition

I loved that there are several areas there, so if you're in the mood for a little pool, target practice and puffs, just head to the back.
If you want to stay outdoors, there's a nice lawn. also that's where Emmanuel put all his energy.

floripa expedition

But if you want to eat, chat or are out on a rainy day, there's a huge communal table out front, well sheltered with a nice atmosphere and where the sound system, kitchen and bar are located!
There's also a container with artistic demonstrations, the idea of the place is really cool, and the food, oh my! I'll tell you about it.

One delight is better than another.

We ordered two types of dishes.
rnin strips with potatoes to eat with Emmanuel and Igor with a beautiful hamburger.úrguer, which of course I tore off a few pieces.

floripa expedition

Soon there will be a post all about places to eat in Floripa! Everything will be detailed.
Everything tastes like home cooking, no ready-made spices, lots of love involved! Care and affection, the girls are super hyper!

floripa expedition

A delight in every bite, the dirnks are wonderful too! I ordered a soda with vodka and green apple flavoring, drank it and repeated! Igor stayed with the good old beer, Emmanuel with a juice, hehehe.
We spent the rest of the evening chatting a lot and at the end, a game of pool went down very well, a wonderful way to get to Magic Island!
But let's go, there's a good trail tomorrow and we're staying far away, Hotel Palace Praia, so here we go.


signature floripa expedition - Cris Pelo Mundo

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