How to protect your suitcase, safe travel is much better.

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Suitcase seals.

On my last trip I had a little extra help with my suitcase. After all, everyone knows that, unfortunately, theft in suitcases is a growing problem these days and it's an extra concern when traveling. So how do you protect your suitcase?
So I'm going to give you a tip that helps to reduce this! I used it, tested it and liked it.
They are super cute seals that make all the difference.
Ah, but I use a padlock. You know nothing,!
Have you ever heard of the C-section scam? Well, people manage to open your suitcase, even with a padlock, with just a pen and leave it perfect after the theft, as if nothing had happened.
Sad, right? But it's real.
Okay, but is this seal the solution to all problems? I won't be robbed in my suitcase anymore?
protecting your suitcase


How to protect the 100% suitcase?

I can't say 100%, but it helps a lot to make theft more difficult, since the caesarean section is almost impossible to do, but break-ins, cuts and so on can still be done, but they'll be more easily seen, preventing you from seeing the perfect suitcase and only realizing the theft much later. At least this seal has helped me to have one less problem and the worry of seeing the beautiful, perfect suitcase and not knowing if it's been stolen is gone.

Now you just have to be careful if the bag does show a violation, in which case don't leave the arrivals hall without complaining! Complain to the airline and to ANAC, don't forget to do it at both.

I like that! One less problem, but how do I put it on? Just attach it and that's it? No, then the padlock would do the job. The difference with the sealbag seal is that it allows you to attach the zipper handles to a fixed structure and that's where the difference comes in, preventing the fateful caesarean section scam and don't forget to write down or photograph your seal number, so it can't be changed after the theft. Always check the numbering when you pick up your suitcase so you don't go away thinking it hasn't been tampered with, when in fact it has.HOW TO PROTECT YOUR SUITCASE

Arrested? Sealed? Photographed? Confirmed? Off you go! And now with more security! See how easy it can be to protect your suitcase?
Have you used it? Tell us about it.

Thank you SealBag by the seals.

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